Principal’s January Letter 2018

Annex C

Online Interactive E-Learning for Students through AsknLearn

The AsknLearn portal supports self-directed and inquiry-based learning styles, which will pique students’ interest to explore their subjects further. The communication tools available in the platform will engage students in collaborative learning through discussions to enhance their knowledge and gain their peers’ perspectives based on a topic.

Through AsknLearn, students will have access to Online Lessons, Communication Tools, ePortfolio and Mobile Learning. In addition, you will have the ability to track your child’s progress through the Progress Report of assessments done online. These reports clearly profile the skills that your child is strong or weak in.

As the portal will be integral to all aspects of your child’s learning, the cost of the portal will be fully subsidised by the school.


Mobile Device:

  • Download ASKnLearn on App Store (IOS) or Playstore (Android)
  • Open ASKnLearn once downloaded
  • Select the following:
  1. Organisation: Blangah Rise Primary School

We look forward to your support for this e-learning initiative. We would also like to request for your assistance in monitoring your child while he/she is accessing the online contents for his/her self-paced learning and revision. With the support from school and home, we believe we can make e-learning a success in Blangah Rise Primary School.

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