In conjunction with our Educational and Career Guidance programme, we are featuring a series of stories from our BRPS Alumni. As our students read about how our alumni members have contributed to society, we hope they will learn to begin with the end in mind and be inspired to give of their best to achieve their goals and dreams!

Reflect on the following questions as you read the stories.

  1. What do I want to be when I grow up?
  2. What are my strengths and interests?
  3. What are some tasks that I enjoy doing?
  4. What skills do I need for the career that I am interested in?
  5. What is my next step after PSLE?


Names: Geetha A, Chitra A, Punitha A, Gokki A

Year of graduation from BRPS: 1983, 1984, 1987, 1989

What we do for work:

The four of us are sisters who work together in our own audit firm. As auditors, we are like doctors but instead of checking the health of people, we check the health of companies. We look at important numbers like Income, Expenses, Assets like Buildings and Vehicles to see if the numbers are reported to the owners, banks and the government accurately. We also check if companies have followed proper guidelines before earning or spending the money. Our work is important because it helps to ensure that the businesses continue to grow well.

Important Skills and Attitudes:

Auditors often have tight deadlines, so we must be able to plan our schedules well. We need to be observant, meticulous and able to pay close attention to details. We must have good interpersonal skills to work in teams and with the clients, and at the same time have the self-discipline to work independently. To serve our clients well, we must be able to understand our clients’ business and communicate well with them. Another very important quality that auditors must have is that of a curious mind, to be able to ask the right questions instead of accepting things as they are.

Other areas of passion:

To us, our family comes first. We enjoy exploring new places and travelling together as a family and as a company. We also like sports as we see the importance of staying healthy and bonding with our family and colleagues through fun activities.

Advice for our students:

Imagine with all your mind;

Believe with all your heart;

Achieve with all your might.


Name: Ashley Woo

Year of graduation from BRPS: 1991

What I do for my work:

I am an entrepreneur in a Singapore-based board game design company. As an entrepreneur, I constantly come up with new ideas and look out for opportunities. Our board games teach people about financial literacy, and our players could be students in classrooms or employees in financial institutions.

Back in 2013, we were a relatively unknown company. We had to be brave enough to venture into the new area of board game design. I realised that many solutions would not come from the textbook, so I needed to be resourceful when solving problems. For example, I had to find the right people to work with us so that we could leverage on one another’s strengths. Having good social skills was very important.

With every board game we produced, we learnt how we could improve, and the next board game became more successful. This year, we managed to get a Russian producer to produce one of our games in the Russian language!

The importance of the right mindset:

For our latest game, Debtzilla, we faced a major hurdle. However, we bounced back and succeeded on our second try. You need to have the mindset that even though things may not be easy and you may face many challenges, you should dare to dream, learn from your mistakes and continue to believe that things are possible.

Advice for our students:

Singaporeans are blessed with many resources. Make use of the resources we have and be hungry enough to succeed. Do something to contribute to the lives of others. No idea is too wild. Take the off-beaten path and you will be surprised at what you can achieve!


Name: Dr Chai Siang Chew

Year of Graduation from BRPS: 1991

What I do

I am a cardiologist, which means that I treat different kinds of heart problems.  When a patient is referred to me, I work as a detective and conduct investigations into what might be wrong. The investigations might involve blood tests, scans and electrocardiograms. Once I confirm the diagnosis, I will come up with the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

I am also the Assistant Programme Director for a cardiology training programme. This role is very rewarding as I get to train and mentor younger doctors who aspire to become cardiologists.

Why I became a cardiologist

I have always been interested in interacting with people and making a difference to their lives. Cardiology is exciting because there have been many scientific breakthroughs in the field. It is also challenging because some of the patients may be in critical condition, so I deal literally with life and death.

Skills and attitudes  

Having the right attitude is more important than being smart. You need to have an inquisitive mind and be willing to work hard. As your patients’ lives are in your hands, you cannot do slipshod work. A good cardiologist should also be humble and respect your co-workers instead of thinking that he or she is right all the time. We may have differing opinions from our colleagues, but we need to be of the same mind that our patients’ interests come first.

Advice for students

Have the confidence to embrace the future. No dream is too big to dream!