Character & Citizenship Education


Citizenship Education – Values-in-Action (VIA)

VIA is a learning experience in CCE that enhances pupils’ development as socially responsible citizens through ownership of their contribution to the community.

Blangah Rise provides facilitated opportunities to our pupils to be actively involved in learning about and appreciating the community and beyond. Our VIA programmes is spread over six years and aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • promotes a strong sense of belonging, bonding and commitment to the community and nation;
  • promotes a strong sense of responsibility and duty as a concerned citizen;
  • allows students to understand the social needs and concerns of the community and the nation.

The level activities are:

Primary 1 Community Bee I
Primary 2 Community Bee II
Primary 3 Clean & Green Programme
Primary 4 Sentosa Kidz Flea (Social Entrepreneurship)
Primary 5 The HCA Programme
Primary 6 Student Work Attachment (In-house)

Student Leadership – (Every Blangahnite A Leader Programme)

Blangah Rise provides ample opportunities for our pupils to hold leadership positions and be trained in them. From the School Prefects and CCA Leaders to the Class Committee Members, special trainings are organised to familiarise and prepare oneself upon his/her appointment.

In general, the programme and trainings aim to develop confident learners and caring leaders and inculcate in them the need to serve with a heart.

Citizenship Education – SG50

Join us in our celebrations for the nation’s 50th Birthday! Be a part of our SG50 Nature Trail and Exhibition – The Green Snapshots! To find out more and other Blangah Rise’s SG50 activities, click here!