Infocomm Technology



A 21st Century Student who harnesses technology to create, communicate and collaborate ideas in all aspects of learning in a responsible and discerning manner.


To develop a conducive environment in the school for multimedia learning and teaching so that students & staff will have opportunities to be IT proficient and be prepared for the challenges of the future.

Description of Programmes:

Mobile Learning


In the spirit of the 21st Century, Blended Learning provides personalised learning and the opportunity for students to learn at their own pace. Learning takes place anytime, anywhere and students work on authentic tasks which are aligned to the curriculum. Learning is thus more situated, personal and lifelong. As such, students are able to acquire self-directed and collaborative skills.

Information Technology Computing Enrichment

As part of equipping our pupils with 21st century competencies, all pupils attend an ICT Enrichment Programme to acquire necessary ICT skills which are aligned to MOE ICT Baseline to manage and process knowledge.

Students apply their skills mastered through projects which are integrated with the curriculum.

The programme also covers critical areas and issues associated with ethical and legal as well as safe and responsible use of ICT.

Primary Level ICE @ BRPS
Junior Primary P1 PC Literacy and Touch typing
P2 Microsoft Word STELLAR Writing
Middle Primary P3 Microsoft PowerpointPlaces & Shapes around us
P4 Microsoft ExcelBudget Planning

Young Photographers


Young Photographers engages pupils to tell compelling stories and share perspectives through their own lenses. It is a platform to develop pupils to be Confident Learners through photography as a “Picture Paints a Thousand Words”

Young Photographers Festival is a platform for all to share, celebrate and appreciate their photography works through gallery display and writing appreciation notes to peers.


Primary Level Young Photographers Language Skills
Junior Primary P1 My Friends & Family Oral Communications:Pick and Tell
P2 Our Neighbourhood
Middle Primary P3 Our Heritage Written Expressions:Caption Writing with e-Book
P4 Singapore Through Children's Eyes Written Expressions:Paragraph Writing with e-Book
Senior Primary P5 Our Heritage Written Expressions:Reflections with web 2.0
P6 World Heritage Written Expressions:Reflections with Photoshop



This programme aims to inculcate Cyberwellness principles based on the MOE’s Framework within our pupils through topics such as:

  • Online Identity and Expression
  • Balanced Use of ICT
  • Netiquette
  • Cyberbullying
  • Around the Cyberworld
  • Cyber Contacts
  • Handling Online Content - Copyright

These topics are integrated into our curriculum at different levels of students’ learning process. Assembly talks, interactive drama, ICT enrichment, Young Photographers Festival, sharing of views on cyberwellness issues through discussion forums are platforms created to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to stay safe online at the end of their 6 years of education in BRPS.