PE & Aesthetics Education

Engaging Blangahnites through sports
Engaging Blangahnites through sports


Every child competent and confident in movement, art and music.


Nurturing every child through joyful learning in PE, Art and Music.


Physical Education:

The aim of our physical education (PE) programme is to enable every child to be confident and competent in movements so as to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We purpose to provide all pupils with quality physical education through learning sports and games skills, acquiring knowledge to live an active and healthy lifestyle and reflecting from experience. Through their reflection, pupils have given feedback that they are able to apply values, skills and knowledge learned in PE to their personal lives.


The aim of our art programme is to enable every child to enjoy art, communicate visually, and make meaning through connecting with society and culture.

We purpose to provide all pupils with quality arts education to enable them to find an area of interest where they can excel in, develop self-esteem and build confidence. Through art education, we purpose that our pupils acquire the correct heart set, mind set and skills set during their formative years to enable them to develop and grow to their fullest potential.

Starting 2018, museum based learning will be integrated into our art programme where pupils get the opportunity to visit the Singapore Art Museum to appreciate visual art and develop critical thinking through inquiry. This inquiry-based approach to art appreciation engages pupils to make connections between various aspects of the artwork to help them develop as independent learners through critical thinking.


The aim of our music programme is to enable every pupil to develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures. The programme encourages pupils' creative expression and communication through music, providing them a strong foundation for an informed and life-long involvement in music.

We purpose to provide all pupils with quality music education that develops their musical abilities and encourages musical self-expression. The music programme is structured in a way where concepts are learned through active musical experiences such as music creation and performance. Students’ learning of musical elements as well as concepts are made authentic through the display of musical skills such as listening, creating, and performing.