PE & Aesthetics Education



Every child competent and confident in movement, art and music.


Nurturing every child through joyful learning in PE, Art and Music.



The PE programme emphasises the teaching of fundamental motor skills to help pupils develop competence and confidence in sports and games. At the lower primary, pupils learn locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills, focusing on controlling one’s body and the manipulative (e.g. dribbling with both hands). At the middle primary, pupils progress to controlling the manipulative with one another (e.g. passing and receiving the ball on the move with a partner). At the upper primary, pupils learn games concepts. Games concepts are taught when pupils are able to demonstrate good control of manipulative with one another.


Pupils are engaged in art and craft as well as fine arts. During fine arts, pupils get the opportunity to experience, explore and be exposed to different forms of visual and performing arts. Some of our school’s fine arts programmes include Art Pass (in collaboration with Little Art Bug Pte. Ltd.) and Sculpture Programme (in collaboration with Sculptors’ Workshop).



Pupils have the opportunity to learn music from the software, Town4kids, in a semester. Town4Kids is a comprehensive and progressive music studies programme that teaches pupils skills such as note-reading and recorder playing. It also enriches pupils with knowledge on topics like musical instruments from around the world, musical genres and history of classical music.