Chinese Language



Every child is able to use Chinese language effectively.


To nurture passion and love for the Chinese language and its culture in our pupils.


Reading Programmes

Buddy Reading Programme Selected P1 , P2 and P5 pupils This programme allows Primary 5 pupils to reinforce on what they have learnt and share the joy of reading with their Primary 1 and Primary 2 juniors.
Reading is FUN! P1-P6 A guided reading programme in which teachers and pupils will read a book together. Pupils will then complete an assignment based on the book.

ICT Infusion

iMTL Portal P4 – P6 An online interactive language portal for teachers and pupils to post individualised feedbacks.
AskNLearn Online Portal P1 – P6 Pupils can complete e-learning assignments set by their CL teacher at the comfort of their home through this portal.
Online Chinese Language Word Games P1 – P3 Younger pupils are engaged in their learning by playing the different types of CL word games found in the online website.

Pull-Out Programme

Through this programme, P2 to P5 pupils will be divided according to their learning needs and receive specialised instructions pegged to their level of understanding. This will meet all pupils’ learning needs despite their different abilities.

MT Fortnight

  • Objective: To create a platform for pupils to appreciate the Chinese Language and the Chinese Culture through fun-filled and engaging cultural activities.
  • Chinese pupils will be able to learn more about the culture behind the language, which will make their learning of the language more meaningful.

Mother Tongue Assemblies

  • Objective: To serve as a platform for pupils to converse and participate in Chinese language activities.
  • There will be a total of 4 Mother Tongue assemblies in a year, each of it encompassing various language and cultural activities to promote the use of Chinese language amongst our Chinese pupils.

Mother Tongue Camps

  • Objective: To serve as good platforms in providing a bustling environment for our pupils to learn and use Chinese language more frequently.
  • Our P4 pupils and P6 pupils will be having their annual Mother Tongue Camps in Term 2 and Term 4 respectively.
  • During the camp, students will be exposed to various learning experiences that involve the Chinese Language and culture.

School Internal Competitions

The following competitions are organized for our Chinese pupils annually.

Level Internal Competitions
P1 Han Yu Pin Yin and Poetry Recitation
P2 Han Yu Pin Yin and Poetry Recitation
P3 On the Spot Essay Writing and Story Telling
P4 On the Spot Essay Writing and Story Telling
P5 On the Spot Essay Writing and Oratorical Competition
P6 On the Spot Essay Writing and Oratorical Competition