Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Learning for Life Programme – Leader for Life

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

-John Quincy Adams-

Leader for Life aims to develop our students to become joyful and confident learners who are engaged, self-directed and have the rigour and vigour to pursue their own independent learning. Through this specially tailored 6-year programme that focuses on community service and student leadership, students will be equipped with socio-emotional skills and leadership qualities. Leader for Life seeks to enrich students by teaching them to care for themselves, the community and the environment.

Built upon the school’s curriculum on Environmental Education, Leader for Life provides opportunities for students to put Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids into action to become Leaders for Life. It adopts a value-based approach to inculcate virtues such as care, respect and responsibility to create a lasting impact on the students’ own personal and interpersonal growth, as well as encourage them to champion a positive change in the community and environment.

The programme aims to:

  • provide students with knowledge and a better understanding of the environment, particularly the impact of humans on the environment
  • raise students’ awareness and sensitivity to environmental challenges and
  • provide authentic platforms for students to explore environmental issues and take
  • action to improve the environment around them

Specially crafted programmes that aim to encapsulate the critical learning objectives of Leader for Life include Little Green Ambassadors, Class VIA @ Blooming Garden, Project GAIA, The Green Snapshots (TGS) Nature and Heritage Trails and Community Outreach Programmes.

Little Green Ambassadors

Little Green Ambassadors form part of the class committee. They are key drivers who look into fostering sustainable environmental habits in the school. Little Green Ambassadors are caring, confident and responsible.

  • Caring - thinks green and helps conserve the environment
  • Confident - enforces class and school green rules; encourages peers to carry out the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse)
  • Responsible - is a good role model and supports initiatives of Go Green @ BRPS

They also assist the teachers to collect data to help the school community reduce waste, conserve water as well as be more energy efficient.

Biodiversity Corridor

(comprising the Animals’ Corner, Blooming Garden and Eco-pond)

The Biodiversity Corridor was created to connect and engage our school community for the conservation of Singapore’s natural heritage. It is aligned with the Community in Nature (CIN) initiative and the objectives are to:

  1. Encourage teachers and students to learn, appreciate and support local biodiversity
  2. Encourage student participation in caring for their school grounds and the environment
  3. Promote exchange of information and expertise in enhancing biodiversity in schools

A diverse variety of animals and plants can be found along the Biodiversity Corridor. This creates more opportunities for the school community to find out more about the various species and the complex ecosystems that they live in, leading to greater awareness of Singapore’s rich biodiversity.

Animals’ Corner

The Animals’ Corner is part of the school’s effort to equip students with socio-emotional skills and leadership qualities. We inculcate virtues such as care, respect and responsibility to create a lasting impact on the students’ own personal and interpersonal growth through the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP). The opportunity to observe, interact, care and learn about animals not only enriches their learning about nature, ecology and relationships, it also inspires them on their learning and discovery journeys as students will be curious to find out more about the animals. 

We collaborated with the EL Department to give the Primary 2 students the experience of rearing butterflies. In alignment with the EL Stellar unit, ‘A Butterfly is Born’, students and teachers had the opportunity to observe the complete metamorphosis of butterflies. The experience also provided students the platform to put the virtues into practice.

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Blooming Garden and Eco-pond

With the objectives of providing our students with outdoor experiential learning to complement the teaching and learning of Science as well as to provide our students with an authentic platform for Value-in-Action (VIA) project, classes are each assigned a garden plot to take care of the plants. This provides opportunity for students and teachers to build positive teacher-student relationships as well as imbue in students a sense of responsibility to take care of the environment. Our parents from the Parent Support Group (PSG) also provide valuable knowledge and much of their time in helping to sustain a blooming garden in the school. 

Project GAIA

One of our key programmes is Project GAIA (Green Awareness in Action). Project GAIA is a community project to enhance students’ learning beyond the classroom and promote recycling and environmental conservation in the community. Some of the programmes in Project GAIA include organizing recycling drives as well as activities to commemorate Singapore World Water Day and Earth Day.

Commemorating Singapore World Water Day

World Water Day is commemorated on 22 March every year. The theme for 2022, “Groundwater: Making the Invisible, Visible” is to heighten our awareness of groundwater, which is a hidden treasure that enriches our lives as most of the liquid freshwater in the world is groundwater. As climate change gets worse, groundwater becomes more critical. 

In 2022, we commemorated Singapore World Water Day through a series of activities. These activities include:

  • An Assembly Talk (conducted by Form Teachers in each class)
  • Exhibits created by PSG are displayed at the school’s ‘Community Space’ to educate students on the importance of using water wisely and cherishing our water resources
  • Classroom activities such as colouring activities and crossword puzzles promoting water conservation (Resources from PUB and PSG)
  • Video screenings of water sustainability and water conservation 
  • Recess activities - Learning stations in the Mini Library where students had the opportunity to do hands-on activities 
  • STEM lesson - Engineering-related Learning Activity on Creating Water Filtration System 

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The Garden of Hope

Water is a precious and scarce resource for Singapore, and our water supply remains vulnerable to factors such as climate change. The Garden of Hope is set up as a rain harvesting system, home for ecology and a space for students and staff to engage with nature. It is developed in line with three out of the five key pillars of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 on sustainable development:

  1. City in Nature: to create a green, liveable and sustainable home for Singaporeans
  2. Sustainable Living: to make reducing carbon emissions, keeping our environment clean, and saving resources and energy a way of life in Singapore
  3. Energy Reset: to use cleaner energy and increase our energy efficiency to lower our carbon footprint

Transforming an empty rooftop to a luscious rain garden is an example of active green roof usage. The Garden of Hope is more than just a garden! Capturing rainwater with the PEG Trays System under the plants reduces stress on nearby drains and prevents flooding. The water is then circulated around the garden for plant irrigation.  The garden’s irrigation system is automated through a rain sensor that is powered by harnessing solar energy using a solar panel. Through our Green Ambassadors, we hope to educate and remind everyone to practise sustainable living.


Commemorating Earth Day

Every year, we commemorate this annual event with assembly talks, class activities, recess activities and Project Green Awareness in Action (GAIA). Our Junior Primary students participate in recycling challenges such as setting up and decorating their classes’ recycling boxes. Our Middle Primary students use bottle caps to create pieces of art while our Senior Primary students upcycle used CDs into pledge cards. These upcycling projects are part of our ongoing efforts to commemorate Earth Day 2022.

To educate our students on ‘Recycling Right’, our Parent Support Group (PSG) also created their own posters and charts. With their help, we had our students sow different types of seeds using recycled bottles. The Green Ambassadors in each class help to water and care for the seeds / seedlings. With the help of our PSG, these seedlings are then transplanted into the planters in our Blooming Garden. 


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Outreach Programmes – Project GAIA 

For Project GAIA, we collaborate with Sembwaste (Ezi Recycling) and Clean Up! @ Southwest in our recycling efforts. Recycling drives are usually organized for the school community as well as some of the pre-schools around Telok Blangah neighbourhood. These projects are designed to raise students’ awareness and sensitivity to environmental challenges. It provides an authentic platform for students to explore environmental issues and take action to improve the environment around them. 

Outreach Programmes - The Green Dragonflies and Their Swampy Friends

As a strong proponent for the care of the environment we live in, BRPS embarked on a special project to further this cause. ‘The Green Dragonflies and their Swampy Friends’ is an illustrated book written and illustrated by our own teachers and students. It tells a tale of a group of dragonflies who are displaced from their home and are in search of a new one. This is produced by our team of teachers and with a keen interest in raising environmental awareness, story writing, art and photography. Leveraging our passion through the story, we hope to raise awareness in the young about how environmental issues have an impact on their lives. The story aims to educate children to make a conscious choice by taking positive actions in caring for the environment. This is aligned to the aims of our Learning for Life Programme (LLP).

Our Art teachers provided our students with the opportunity to extend their art and craft skills through creating the props for storytelling and workshops held at library@harbourfront and Festival of Biodiversity held at Singapore Botanic Gardens. These storytelling sessions are conducted by our student leaders which provide them with the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, and to apply oral communications skills in an authentic manner. 

Click here to find out more about this LLP Outreach Project.

To bring our story to live, we will weave the storytelling segment into our award-winning The Green Snapshots Trail, led by our student docents. 

Outreach Programmes - The Green Snapshots Trail

The Green Snapshots (TGS) Nature and Heritage Trail is an environment and heritage-themed learning journey crafted by BRPS teachers. The intent of the learning journey is to provide opportunities for both the school and external communities to appreciate the rich and green history of Telok Blangah and the Southern Ridges. The trails are built on the school’s environmental education programme, which weaves nature into the curriculum and provides experiential learning activities for our students. In the guided-trail version, our Primary 4 and Primary 5 student-docents provide an in-depth and personal sharing of the history and flora and fauna of Telok Blangah and Mount Faber. During the 2½-hour long guided tours, they also share about the area’s unique architecture and development over the years.

For our continued advocacy for heritage education and sustained partnership through TGS, Blangah Rise Primary School was awarded the 2019 School Heritage Champion Award (Silver) by the National Heritage Board (NHB).

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