BCA Green Mark Goldplus Award

BCA Green Mark Goldplus Award

Blangah Rise Primary School has been awarded the BCA Green Mark Goldplus Award based on the Green Mark Criteria for Existing Schools.

BCA Green Mark is a green building rating system to evaluate a building for its environmental impact and performance. The assessment criteria evaluates energy efficiency, water efficiency, environment protection, indoor environmental quality and other green/innovative features. The evaluation provides an indication of the environmental friendliness of the building design and operation. 


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BRPS Green Mark Features:

  • Provision of recycling bins at strategic locations within the school – classrooms, canteen, indoor sports hall, staff rooms and general office.
  • Provision of twin bins in classrooms and staff rooms to encourage recycling by students and staff.
  • A range of native plants in the school garden, along the walkways and around the school ponds. Labels are put up and information is displayed for each type of plant to provide the students and staff with more knowledge about these plants.
  • Green Ambassadors are appointed in each class to help foster sustainable environmental habits in the school.
  • Provision of platforms to create awareness among staff and students on Environmental Sustainability (e.g. Assembly talks, Project GAIA, Outreach Programmes).
  • Provision of Green Corner where newspaper articles and posters are put up by the Little Green Ambassadors for students to read. These articles and posters provide information on eco-habits that one should adopt and updates on environmental and water issues.
  • Energy and water usage in the school are monitored and documented. The information provides trend data on energy and water utilisation, which are then communicated to staff and students to raise awareness of conservation by reducing consumption.