Dear Parent/Guardian,

The MOE FAS is to help financially needy Singaporean students in Government and Government-aided schools to meet basic schooling expenses. Singapore Citizen (SC) students from households with gross monthly household income (GHI) of $3000 and below, or per capita income1 (PCI) of $750 and below will be eligible for the MOE FAS.



Please submit the completed MOE FAS application form with the required documents to the school’s General Office or via e-FAS link below if you wish to apply for the financial assistance by 28 Oct 2022.

Upon successful application, you can also apply for Info-communications Media Development Authority’s NEU PC Plus Programme, which offers students the opportunity to own a new computer at an affordable price.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the school General Office at 6721 7387.

To download the MOE FAS Application Form 2023, click here

To apply via e-FAS, click here