Newsletter Vol. 2, 2018

12th November 2018
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Help your Children Protect their Personal Data Online

22nd October 2018

As technology advances, so do potential risk arises. Learn how you can help your child safeguard their personal information online. Find out more here: How to Help your Children Protect their Personal Data Online

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Children’s Day Celebration 2018

22nd October 2018

This year, we started Children’s Day Celebrations with CCA in the morning, energising the whole school. To facilitate their CCA selection, the P2 pupils were invited to visit the various CCAs where they were engaged in a range of meaningful activities. Under the CCA teachers’ supervision and CCA pupils’ guidance, the P2 pupils tried out…

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BRPS Highlights

Alumni Career Talk

We are excited to share that we have our former Blangahnites, who are our current Alumni members, as Guest Speakers for the Career Talk,  an ECG activity.

The main aim of the career talks with alumni is to offer our current P6 Blangahnites an opportunity to have a lively discussion with the speakers about their careers.

Ms Gokki & Ms Punitha shared their experiences as auditors to our Blangahnites and had an engaging discussion with them.

InnovatE Day 2018

InnovatE Day is a platform where students apply knowledge and skills gleaned from various discipline. Students think critically as they work collaboratively. Students have the opportunity to present their work to their peers in school.

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Rakan Bahasa

In conjunction with Bulan Bahasa 2018, which is also known as Malay Language Month launched by Malay Language Council, two Rakan Bahasa was appointed in every school. Rakan Bahasa is Malay Language Ambassador who are passionate about the Malay Languagge and Culture. They are appointed to become role models for the Malay Language, particularly to their peers, friends and family.

Last May, Nur Qurratu'ain and Dian Tiara had been appointed to be  Rakan Bahasa 2018. While being a role model, they are also tasked to complete Kembara Rakan Bahasa, a mission card where students are to complete tasks that tested their language proficiency and skills such as speaking and writing skills.
They also took part in Newsmaker Compeition where they had to record themselves presenting on artefacts found in Malay Heritage Centre by using an app and later on edit it to become a video.

P6 Young Photographers

As part of their Post PSLE Programme, the P6 students acquired advanced DSLR skills to tell stories through their lenses.

Click here to see their unique perspective of Botanical Gardens


Children's Day Messages

Our teachers from BRPS have prepared a special surprise for all Blangahnites! Students were presented with hand-made ornaments containing well wishes from their teachers.


We would like to thank Ms Indranee Rajah, Second Minister for Education for visiting our school.

Visiting various schools to get to know the educators and students better, as well as to gain deeper insights into the education issues.

Visited Blangah Rise Primary School on 17 July 2018

Had a great dialogue with a group of students from pri 4-6. They were confident in expressing themselves, and were especially excited about their CCA. One wants to be a scientist when she grows up as her dad inculcated in her a love of science, another wants to be a teacher and yet another would like to be a nurse (her CCA is Red Cross). One young boy, Wei Yang had a number of suggestions for the Science Centre which I promised to pass on.

In my dialogue with the teachers, I was heartened by how passionate they are in their efforts to provide a conducive school environment and positive school experience for their students.

I would like to encourage the teachers to continue their sterling efforts in recognising the different strengths and talents of our students, and in bringing out the best potential in each child.

-Ms Indranee Rajah