Blangahnites learning mathematical concepts and skills
Blangahnites learning mathematical concepts and skills


Every child is inspired to be a creative problem-solver.


To instil the passion for learning mathematical concepts and skills essential for everyday living in every child


Learning Support for Mathematics

This programme is for Primary 1 and 2 pupils who need more support in the learning of Mathematics. Pupils get individual attention from the teacher in a smaller classroom setting.

Activity-based Learning

Pupils are given opportunities to be engaged in learning experiences that allow them to explore and learn mathematical concepts and skills. Pupils use manipulatives and other resources to understand mathematical concepts. They gain confidence and experience success in learning mathematics.

Polya’s four-step problem-solving approach

The school uses Polya’s four-step problem-solving approach.

  1. Read the question carefully to understand the problem
  2. Plan a strategy
  3. Solve the problem
  4. Check their answers

Maths Olympaid Training

Primary 4 to 6 pupils who are competent in Mathematics are identified for the Maths Olympiad Training. Some pupils would be selected to represent the school in external competitions such as National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore.

Calculator Workshop

The calculator workshop is conducted to introduce the use of calculators to Primary 5 pupils. They would be engaged in activities that are fun and engaging.