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Chinese Junior Reporters

“准备好,开始!“(Ready, standby, start!)

“早安您好,我是布兰雅坡小记者沈喜君,请问我可以访问您吗?” (Good morning, Madam. I am Junior Reporter Nickie Sim from Blangah Rise Primary School. May I interview you please?)

Our Chinese Junior Reporters were getting ready to report on the latest school event. The programme provides a platform for students to hone their Chinese Language skills by using the language in an authentic setting. It aims to equip students with basic news-reporting skills, such as conducting interviews, writing news reports, filming and editing news reports and basic photography.

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Through this programme, students will be able to improve their language skills holistically as the platform renders opportunities for them to practise the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This programme further promotes 21st century skills such as communication skills, collaborative skills, technology literacy and critical thinking skills. These skills are important as we prepare our students for the 21st century workforce. In addition, they will be equipped with public speaking and social interaction skills. They become more confident and learn the importance of teamwork. Our Junior Reporters also had the chance to learn from external partners such as SPH News Reporter and Radio Deejay!

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Listen to what our parents have to say about the programme!

“I enjoy attending the Junior Reporter sessions because I get to learn new things every time. I learnt how to conduct interviews, write articles, and hold the camera in the correct angle. I look forward to learning more about being a reporter and doing more video editing.” (Foo Jing Lin, 5 Sapphire)


“I am excited every time I come for Junior Reporter sessions as I can take videos and learn about writing news articles. I hope to produce more Junior Reporters videos in the future.” (Chen Yu Xiang, 4 Opal)

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