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CCA is part of the school’s total curriculum to develop the child holistically. There are 4 categories of CCA in BRPS: Sports and Games, Clubs and Societies, Aesthetics, and Uniformed Groups.

These CCAs provide a platform for our pupils to develop values, skills and knowledge through an area of their interest. In CCAs, pupils experience joyful learning with others, take on leadership roles and work together as teams to achieve common goals. Teachers facilitate pupils’ reflection and guide them in their development as confident learner and caring leaders.

Sports and Games




Clubs and Societies



Art and Design Club

Uniformed Groups


Red Cross

Performing Arts

Dance Club

Level Interest Areas

Level Interest Areas provide our students with more holistic and enriching learning experiences. They are also a way for Form Teachers to play the role of a Teacher Mentor when they build intentional and meaningful relationships with students while working on projects together. The extension of such learning beyond CCA on Monday is purposefully planned and teachers are always looking out for every opportunity to engage our students.

Junior Primary – Drama and Choir

Middle Primary – Makerspace and Visual Arts

Senior Primary – Recyclable Art and Corridor Gardening