Blangahnites exploring scientific concepts and skills
Blangahnites exploring scientific concepts and skills


Every child is imbued with a life-long curiosity and love for Science.


To develop the innovative and creative spirit in every child.

Description of Programmes:

The suite of Science programmes are put together with the aim of achieving a curious and rational mind, a loving heart and an innovative spirit.

Outdoor Experiential Learning Experience

Learning Journey plays an integral part of the curriculum forming the learning experience of the pupil.  It helps to make real and concrete what has been learnt in the classrooms and broadens the mental horizons of pupils.

Level Learning Journey Description
P3 Butterfly Park @ Sentosa Students will also be able to learn interesting facts about insects from the park’s education facilitator as they walk through each exhibit.

They will each be given a task sheet to work on during the trail to reinforce learning outcomes as well as work in groups to do group presentation on animals that they have discovered in their journey.

P4 Science Centre This is planned with the intention to incorporate elements of discovery and fun in Physical Science together with explorative and experiential learning through lab sessions and gallery walk.
P3 and P4 Telok Blangah Hills Park This trail is undertaken to enrich students’ learning in Mathematics and Science in an authentic learning environment. Students will also be given the opportunity to work on tasks designed on mobile devices as well as the data loggers).
P6 Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve The focus of this trip is on the diversity, ecology and dynamics of an ecosystem. Students will learn about food chains, food webs, adaptation and man’s impact on the environment in an authentic setting.
P6 NEWater Plant An enriching interactive learning journey that takes the pupils through the gallery to understand the science behind NEWater as well as the technologies that make NEWater clean for drinking.

Science Buskers

The event seeks to provide our Primary 6 graduating pupils with the opportunity to acquire basic skills in:

  • organizing an event
  • leading and working as a team
  • thinking creatively and making decisions.

Under the guidance of the teachers, the organizing committee in each class designs its own Science activities and/or experiments before presenting to the Primary 1 to Primary 5 students on their projects.

This Science Fair also hopes to kindle the spark in our Primary 1 to Primary 5 students as they are given the opportunity to take part in a myriad of hands-on activities to learn scientific principles in a fun way.

Go Green@BRPS

Going green is an integral part of being a Blangahnite. It teaches our pupils to respect self, others and the environment. Events such as Earth Week and practices such as the 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse are emphasized upon by the Green Ambassadors and the Science teachers. Selected pupils are also given leadership opportunities to work with government organisations like NEA, as well as the school teachers, to achieve awards that accredit the school’s green practices.

Animal Moments

This programme aims to:

  • Raise awareness on current animal related issues.
  • Educate pupils on responsible pet ownership – be kind and empathetic to our four-legged friends.

Students learn about animal related issues through assembly talks conducted by teachers as well as government organisations like the SPCA and AVA.

Under the supervision of our teachers and science assistant, pupils are given the opportunities to have hands-on experience to learn to take care of small animals.

UNSW Science Competition

This serves as a platform for talent development to provide greater exposure for high progress students as it provided opportunities for pupils to participate in Science-related competitions.

The Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO)@ NUS High School

This serves as a platform to provide opportunities for high progress students to participate in Science-related competitions as well as to generate greater interest in Biology, Chemistry and Physics among the students and cultivate enthusiasm and instil a passion for science subjects.