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Senior Primary

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A note from the Year Head, Mdm Stephanie Song and Acting Assistant Year Head, Mr Leow Qinjin

Welcome to Senior Primary!

Motivation and support from teachers and friends are the drivers to our children’s success. This year, we have planned many level programmes and activities that focus on building the camaraderie between students and teachers.

The programmes planned not only extend learning beyond the classroom, but they also make lessons come alive for our students.

We look forward to your continued partnership!

Note to Parents for Term 3

Welcome to the start of a new term. This year, Term 3 will be slightly longer than previous years because of the Covid-19 situation in Singapore. Instead of the normal 10 weeks, we will be having 13 weeks in this term. As we slowly tune ourselves back to the school routine, let's not forget about the precautions we need to embrace to make our school a clean and safe environment for everyone.

As this term is longer than others, it is important for us to help our students pace their learning and manage their energy level to prevent them from getting a burnout. To help us in this journey, please do ensure that your child/ward has ample rest the night before so that he/she can be ready to face new challenges the next day. On our side, we will try our best to make each day an exciting and fulfilling one for them.

This term is particularly important especially for our Primary Sixes. They will be embarking on a full scale revision to help them prepare for the upcoming national examination. No doubt, students will be facing a lot of stress in this journey but please be rest assured that our teachers will be doing their utmost best to provide academic help and emotional support to them. Together, we can help our students achieve their targets and move on to their preferred secondary school.

Yours sincerely,

Mdm Stephanie Song and Mr Leow Qinjin

P5 Programmes

BRPS LOVES SINGAPORE: National Education Show

A P5 student’s dream comes true! What could be more satisfying than to celebrate our country’s birthday together with thousands of people wishing our nation HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Aarav shared, “I really enjoyed the NE show and learnt about Singapore’s history and the bicentennial year. My favourite part was when the Red Lions skydived from the helicopter, hovering over us. It was certainly a memorable experience!”

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P5 Young Photographers Programme

This is a structured 4-day programme that allows students to learn about the different skills needed in photography to take excellent pictures. After going through the theory lessons, our students are given the opportunity to do an outdoor shoot at Marina Barrage!

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P5 STEM Activities

Students worked together and used their creativity to programme and prototype a beach cleaner to remove trash found on the shore.

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P6 Programmes

A Nature trail to Sungei Buloh

“Nothing beats learning Science in an authentic environment. If we can’t bring nature into the classrooms, we bring our students into the nature,” says Mrs Jenny Quek, Head of Department for Science.

Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve is a place students must visit when they learn about “Adaptation”. They learn about nature in the most natural setting. Untouched by modern urbanisation, students get to observe animals and plants in close proximity.

Eunice shared, “I really enjoyed the trip as I get to see the animals living in their natural habitats! After all, it’s not every day that we get to see mudskippers crawling in the mud!”

Bennett added, “The thing I enjoyed most during my Sungei Buloh trip is being able to learn about the mangrove environment and being in nature itself.”

After the trip, Lynyan could now appreciate that “in a mangrove eco-system, there is a diversity of organisms that co-exist with one another in order to survive.”

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P6 Post-PSLE Programme

This is a 4-week programme that consists of a variety of different activities to engage our students physically and cognitively! This year, the highlights of the programme include Kidzania, Behind the Scenes in the Zoo and many more!


Code for FUN Programme

“Yes! It’s moving and turning around!” was a common refrain when our students experimented with robots during the Code for Fun Programme specially arranged for our P6 students. This programme aims to expose students to coding and computational thinking, and excite them with new technologies.

Khaizuran shared, “This programme gives me an opportunity to work together with my friends. Together we use technology to create and control robots!”

Dominic also learnt the importance of teamwork. “All of us have differences but as long as we work together as a team, we can still achieve our goals!”

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Interclass Games

After all the hard work in preparing for the PSLE, it is time to enjoy an exciting time of sports and games with our friends! The whole P6 cohort came together to participate in team building games as well as friendly matches of basketball and Frisbee. Through our participation in the activities, we can demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship.

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