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Senior Primary

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A note from the Year Head, Mdm Stephanie Song and Assistant Year Head, Mr Leow Qinjin

Welcome to Senior Primary!

Motivation and support from teachers and friends are the drivers to our children’s success. This year, we have planned many level programmes and activities that focus on building the camaraderie between students and teachers.

The programmes planned not only extend learning beyond the classroom, but they also make lessons come alive for our students.

We look forward to your continued partnership!

Note to Parents for Term 1

A new year marks a new beginning. Let’s work together hand-in-hand, to help the students start afresh in 2022. As we are still in the midst of COVID-19 endemic, please rest assured that we will adhere strictly to the different SMM measures when planning and conducting the various class and level activities. Please do encourage your child to observe good hygiene habits by washing and sanitising their hands frequently and also ensure that they have spare masks in their bags. It is also important to have their TraceTogether tokens with them at all times.

Having ample rest the night before a school day will maximise a student’s ability to concentrate during lessons and minimize the possibility of missing out important concepts in class. Therefore, please do ensure that your child sleeps early at night so he/she can be fully energised and be all ready to start the new day. Do encourage your child to be proactive by reminding him/her the importance of packing his/her schoolbag daily. Having the necessary stationary and books will help your child to be prepared for lessons. This will also help to ensure that your child’s school bag is not overly heavy.

Lastly, teach and guide your child to prioritise and put first things first, ensure that all homework and revision stated in the student’s diary is done before they turn in for the night. By completing school work at home, your child not only can revise the concepts taught but also allow subject teachers to address the learning gaps and misconceptions from their work.

Together, we can make a difference and help your child develop holistically and achieve his/her fullest potential. We look forward to working together with you.


Yours sincerely,

Mdm Stephanie Song – Year Head Senior School

Mr Leow Qinjin – LH Science / Assistant Year Head Senior School


Click on the following links to view our P5 and P6 Level videos:

  1. P5 Level Video
  2. P6 Level Video

P5 Code for Fun Programme

Look at the glow on our Primary 5 pupils’ faces upon witnessing their own Sphero Bolts spinning and lighting up according to their programming! Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become commonplace in daily lives. Hence, in BRPS, we see the need to expose our students to basic programming and coding skills.

In Term 2, our Primary 5 students went through a series of workshops where they learnt Computational Thinking through basic coding. In this enrichment class, students learn computational thinking and making, and are exposed to coding concepts through a blend of software input (visual/syntax-based programming language) and hardware output (Robotics and Microcontrollers). They even made use of their newly found skills to play traditional game like ‘Scissors, Paper, Stones’ with one another! Let’s hear what our students thought of this programme:

“I enjoyed the program very much. I learnt how to code the Sphero, make it light up with different flash lights and control its movement. I think that learning coding will make our lives easier in the future!” (Rian Hong, 5 Topaz)

“I had so much fun! I was able to control the robot’s movement. I hope that in the future I am able to program robots to help my family with housework!”     (Lin Zesheng, 5 Topaz)

“It was fun and engaging! I get to play with robots and I learnt how to programme them. I aspire to be a game developer when I grow up!” (Tam Chi Fung, 5 Sapphire)

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Morning Conversations in Senior Primary

Teachers start a typical school day right by interacting with their students during Morning Conversations. These conversations take place before the first period of the day and focuses on different sets of virtues weekly. During Morning Conversations, teachers not only take the opportunity to bond with their students, they also create opportunities for students to build camaraderie amongst themselves. Teachers highlight positive behaviour displayed by pupils and affirmed their actions through a mixture of fun activities and conversations during this time.

‘Morning conversation is a great way to build meaningful relationships with my students. I am able to strengthen my bond with my class before the lesson and am able to interact freely with them. Most of all, it starts the day on a chirpy and engaging tone that keeps them motivated for the day’, quoted Ms Munirah!

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P6 Motivation Camp

Our annual Primary 6 Motivation camp kicked off on 24 March 2022 with the theme, “I Can’t, I Can, I Will”. The camp aimed not only to provide opportunities for the students to build camaraderie among one another, it was also designed to incorporate activities that would help build confidence.

On the first day of the camp, our students worked in their groups and used their Science knowledge to build a solar oven made of recycled materials. At the end of the project, they tested out their solar oven and even managed to melt some chocolate that they dipped with marshmallow. “I enjoyed the experiment on chocolate because I got to learn more about Science and material engineering during the experiment,” shared Kate from Primary 6 Topaz.

On the second day of the camp, our students continued to challenge themselves and worked together to overcome many challenges in five different stations. The theme, “Reach For Your Goal”, put their teamwork skills to a test as they overcame challenges encountered in the five stations located around the school compound. The students relied on their strong bonds with their friends to overcome potential obstacles, even as the tasks provided opportunities for students to solve problems creatively.

“The camp was fun but we also get to learn things like making a solar oven using concepts from Science. The most interesting activity was the ‘Ready, Aim, Shoot!’ on Day 2 because we had to score points which required skills and more importantly, teamwork,” reflected Aqeel from Primary 6 Topaz. It was heartening to see the students demonstrating virtues learnt throughout the camp! These are life skills that they would take them a long way even as they leave our gates.

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A glimpse into our Primary 5 and 6 classrooms

A large amount of the student’s time is spent sitting in a classroom. It is important to make this learning space vibrant and inviting so that learning can take place in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our students and teachers take ownership of the classrooms that they used. They worked together to decorate and put up posters/notices in their classes. Let’s take a peek into the classrooms in the Senior Primary. 

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P5 Programmes

Level Bonding Day

This year, our Level Bonding Day takes place very differently from previous years. With COVID 19, many activities have to be carried out innovatively to achieve their objectives. However, this does not deter us from having fun together! With the safety management measures in place, all of us had fun together even when we are 1 m apart! (*Disclaimer: pupils were not wearing masks as they were doing physical activities)


P6 Motivation Camp (Session 1)

I Can’t… I Can… I Will…

During this Motivation Camp, our Primary 6 students get to further ignite their joy of learning through specially created activities created and designed by the Primary 6 teachers.

The camp focuses on building students’ confidence and resilience and encourage them to work hard and move towards their goals in the national examinations at the end of the year.


“During the first day of the motivational camp, we were tasked to get to know students from other classes. We also found out more about our personality by answering a series of questions. The next activity challenged us to stack cards up as high as we can. We thought that it was just for fun but it actually taught us an important virtue – patience. Patience allows us to suspend judgement thus making informed decisions. Likewise, if we stack the cards patiently, there is a higher chance of us succeeding.”

Jeremiah, 6 Topaz.


“At around noon, a friend of mine guessed that the shoebox everybody was told to bring was to be used to construct an oven box. I did not think that her guess was right until the camp started. The teacher shared about the story of a girl who wanted to cook for her family with limited tools. After the presentation was over, the teacher encouraged us to create our own oven boxes. I instantly thought of three designs and I shared with my group. We got to test if the oven boxes worked by attempting to melt bars of chocolate under the sun in the parade square. It was really fun as we got to dip marshmallows in the chocolate that we had melted.”

Maureen, 6 Topaz.


BRPS LOVES SINGAPORE: National Education Show

A P5 student’s dream comes true! What could be more satisfying than to celebrate our country’s birthday together with thousands of people wishing our nation HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Aarav shared, “I really enjoyed the NE show and learnt about Singapore’s history and the bicentennial year. My favourite part was when the Red Lions skydived from the helicopter, hovering over us. It was certainly a memorable experience!”

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P5 Young Photographers Programme

This is a structured 4-day programme that allows students to learn about the different skills needed in photography to take excellent pictures. After going through the theory lessons, our students are given the opportunity to do an outdoor shoot at Marina Barrage!

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P5 STEM Activities

Students worked together and used their creativity to programme and prototype a beach cleaner to remove trash found on the shore.

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P6 Programmes

A Nature trail to Sungei Buloh

“Nothing beats learning Science in an authentic environment. If we can’t bring nature into the classrooms, we bring our students into the nature,” says Mrs Jenny Quek, Head of Department for Science.

Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve is a place students must visit when they learn about “Adaptation”. They learn about nature in the most natural setting. Untouched by modern urbanisation, students get to observe animals and plants in close proximity.

Eunice shared, “I really enjoyed the trip as I get to see the animals living in their natural habitats! After all, it’s not every day that we get to see mudskippers crawling in the mud!”

Bennett added, “The thing I enjoyed most during my Sungei Buloh trip is being able to learn about the mangrove environment and being in nature itself.”

After the trip, Lynyan could now appreciate that “in a mangrove eco-system, there is a diversity of organisms that co-exist with one another in order to survive.”

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P6 Post-PSLE Programme

This is a 4-week programme that consists of a variety of different activities to engage our students physically and cognitively! This year, the highlights of the programme include Kidzania, Behind the Scenes in the Zoo and many more!


Code for FUN Programme

“Yes! It’s moving and turning around!” was a common refrain when our students experimented with robots during the Code for Fun Programme specially arranged for our P6 students. This programme aims to expose students to coding and computational thinking, and excite them with new technologies.

Khaizuran shared, “This programme gives me an opportunity to work together with my friends. Together we use technology to create and control robots!”

Dominic also learnt the importance of teamwork. “All of us have differences but as long as we work together as a team, we can still achieve our goals!”

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Interclass Games

After all the hard work in preparing for the PSLE, it is time to enjoy an exciting time of sports and games with our friends! The whole P6 cohort came together to participate in team building games as well as friendly matches of basketball and Frisbee. Through our participation in the activities, we can demonstrate teamwork and sportsmanship.

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