Young Photographers

Learning Through Photography


The Primary 3 students have been given a task – they need to apply photography skills to capture plants with different edges at Gardens by the Bay. What did they use? A camera and knowledge on plants gleaned from their Science lessons.

In Young Photographers, this is how students leverage on the power of photography to achieve the 3Cs – Create, Communicate and Collaborate.

To capture photographs that tell a story or a concept, students first need to acquire photography skills and composition techniques such as rule of thirds, leading lines, framing and symmetry. Students acquire these composition techniques through the Flipped Classroom approach. They learn more about the composition techniques via Student Learning Space (SLS). Thereafter, all students attend face to face sessions in Young Photographers, which equip them with valuable skills to create and communicate stories through their lenses. Primary 2 and Primary 3 students build their proficiency through the use of compact cameras. Primary 4 to Primary 6 students extend their skills through DSLR cameras.

Practice is Key

Students are given the opportunity to apply and practise photography skills through outdoor shoots at Telok Blangah Heights, Gardens by the Bay, Labrador Park and Jurong Lake Gardens. They capture images based on the theme for each level. While doing so, students’ confidence in handling the cameras grows.


Outdoor Shoot: Some of our students' works

3T Teo Kai Xiang P1000067
3O Yang ChengLin DSCN0054
3O Ulfah Khaliesah Binti Mohammad Suffian DSCN0951
3O Wu ZiXi DSCN0924
4S_TAN KAI ROU_0836a
3O Esher Leong Kean Shoen DSCN0230
5T LIN YANGUANG 107_0148
3O Wu ZiXi DSCN0967

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words


After the outdoor shoots, students share compelling stories and perspectives through their own photographs. There are many enriching learning opportunities. Primary 2 students practise using rich vocabulary to describe their photographs and share their thoughts. To extend their knowledge on plants, Primary 3 students create a classification chart to list the different plants’ edges.  Primary 4 to Primary 6 students hone their English Language skills through photojournalism using Google Classroom – Viewpoints

Creative Photography: Some of our students' works 

8R_P2T_Soon Cai Jun_060b
3T, 27 Aug 2020.
8R P3T Ahcmad Danielz
12R P5S Nguyen Minh Dat DSC_0822z
8R_P2O_Nguyen Tuan Duy_PICT0072
3S Richelle Arnaiz Gomez DSCN0063
12R P4S Daniel Darshwin SO Vijay Kumar 03 263z
12R P5T Dyea Nur Isabel Sherina Binte Mohamed Shafie_P08_3358z

Thinking Beyond What We See

P2 STW 01

Using the Thinking Routine See-Think-Wonder in SLS, students analyse photographs so as to generate possibilities, deepen their thinking and raise questions. Jayden, a P3 student, says “We have learnt to be more imaginative, explore different ideas and ask questions through See-Think-Wonder. We were then able to view things from different angles and apply our photography skills at the outdoor shoots.”

Deepening Our Passion for Photography


Have a keen interest in photography? Join MediaKids CCA! You will learn more about photography and acquire advanced skills through authentic photography experiences. MediaKids have been the official photographers for school events and even national events such as the Singapore Youth Festival. In addition, MediaKids learn about creativity and teamwork when they head out to participate in competitions such as National Primary School Photography Competition.

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Our MediaKids’ works have also been featured in our publications such as Bicentennial Coffee Table Book, Covid-19 Book, Reflections of an Overcomer: Life Lessons from our SG Sports Heroes and The Green Dragonflies and Their Swampy Friends.