Principal’s Letter to P1 Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A warm welcome to our BRPS family. We hope that your child’s journey with us will be an enriching one, filled with joy, learning and love.



BRPS has four strategic thrusts that guide us in our decision-making and allocation of resources in order for us to achieve our vision. The four strategic thrusts are:

Competent and caring staff

Developing confident learners

Developing caring leaders

Effective Partnerships


Each thrust has systems and processes for us to build upon to achieve outcomes that we monitor and improve on. The letter is organised in such a way to highlight some of the efforts in these thrusts.


  1. Strategic Thrust One: Competent and Caring Staff


Introduction of Year Heads of Junior, Middle and Senior Primaries

In order to address the needs of the students and ensure that the general school policy and programme cater to level needs, we have Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads to lead the Junior, Middle and Senior Levels. The Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads for the various levels are as follows:


Junior Levels

(P1 & 2)

Year Head – Mrs Leong-Ho Hil May (HOD English Language)

Assistant Year Head – Mr John Chia

Middle Levels

(P3 & 4)

Year Head– Mr Mohan Suppiah

Assistant Year Head– Mrs Jenny Quek (HOD Science)

Senior Levels

(P5 & 6)

Year Head – Mr Shang Thian Huat (HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics)

Assistant Year Head – Mdm Stephanie Song


School Safety & Security Measures


School safety is of paramount importance especially when all parents have entrusted their children to the school. We have implemented a series of school and safety measures that we have discussed with parents and implemented since 2013. These arrangements for school arrival and dismissal are outlined in Annex A.


  1. Strategic Thrust Two: Developing Confident Learners


‘Confident learners’ to us refer to learners who are engaged, self-directed and have a love for learning. In order to achieve that BRPS has numerous structures, processes and programmes that help our students develop good learning habits. For more information about our programmes and activities please refer to our school’s website:




  1. Strategic Thrust Three: Developing Caring Leaders


Regular Attendance


With the intention to give every child the same head start in life and be taught the foundational knowledge, missing school would sometimes mean having a gap in the learning and disadvantaging the child. Hence we would like to reiterate that the school takes a very serious view of children not coming to school without valid reason. We would like to remind all parents that when your child is absent from school, it is mandatory that you either provide a medical certificate or a letter from you explaining the reason for absence. If there are none of these, we will treat it as absence without valid reason and follow up action will be taken, which might include the reporting of such cases to the Compulsory Education Unit in MOE. Attendance will also be taken into consideration when applying for bursaries and various awards. For more details of our Attendance Policy, please refer to Annex B.


  1. C. Other Matters


School Service Providers
School Bus


                                    Gek Teck Transport Service

Contact Person:          Angela Tan (Manager)

Contact No.:                9119 6100 / 9126 7660


School Uniform Services                                     Beau Voix Uniform

Address:                      37 Kallang Pudding Road

Blk B Tong Lee Building

#02-08, Singapore 349315

Contact Person:          Tony

Contact No.:                6743 6645 / 6744 7084 / 9637 6598



                                    HB Book Centre

Contact Person:          Jason Loh (Manager)

Contact No.:                6270 1060


Student Care Centre in BRPS Self Help Group Student Care Limited

Contact No.:                62704230


School Dental Clinic Contact Person:          Mdm Wan Foong Sim (Dental Therapist)

Contact No.:                6275 7395


  1. Reflections

I wish to share with you a funny quote that I saw one day on someone’s T-shirt:


“My job is TOP SECRET!

Even I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Though funny, it captures an important message though. Do we know what we are doing as educators or parents? How do we make a difference for our children each moment of the day? Let us reflect and be purposeful in all the things we do to help develop joyful, confident and caring children!


Have a wonderful year ahead!


Yours sincerely,

Matthew Ou




Annex A

Blangah Rise Primary School

Safety & Security Arrangements


During Dry Weather During Wet Weather

Arrival Arrangements

Students can enter through the Main Gate and Side Gate E that is the sheltered walkway next to the school canteen. All other gates will be closed.


Parents/Guardians who wish to enter the school will need to enter by the Main Gate.


For those driving, please alight the child at the Main Gate or Side Gate E.



Arrival Arrangements

Students can enter through the Main Gate and Side Gate E that is the sheltered walkway next to the school canteen. All other gates will be closed.


Parents/Guardians who wish to enter the school will need to enter by the Main Gate.


For those driving, you may enter the school and alight the child at the foyer. Please prepare your child to alight quickly and safely so as not to hold up the traffic.


Dismissal Arrangements


Students can exit through the Main Gate and Side Gate E.


For those driving, you may pick your child at the Main Gate or Gate E.


Dismissal Arrangements


Students can exit through the Main Gate and Side Gate E.


For those driving, there is a sheltered car park next to Blk 72 and you can fetch your child at the sheltered walkway from Side Gate E.



Other Arrangements


School Hours


  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
Pre-Assembly 7.35am to 7.55am
Flag Raising Ceremony 7.55am
Lessons Start 8.00am
Recess P1,P3 & P5 10.00am to 10.30am 9.45am to 10.15am
Recess P2,P4 & P6 10.30am to 11am 10.15am to 10.45am
Lunch P2,P4 & P6 N.A 12.45pm to 1.30pm
Lunch P1,P3  & P5 N.A 1.15pm to 2.00pm
Dismissal 1.30pm 4.30pm (P1 and P2: 3.30pm)
Daily Necessities


We would like to reinforce the importance of being prepared and organized. Please help us to train your child to pack his/her bag daily according to the timetable given. It is equally important to ensure that your child is not carrying extra weight unnecessarily.


Below is the list of items your child should have in his/her bag everyday.

·         Pupil’s Timetable

·         Pupil’s Diary (you will be able to leave notes/messages for your child’s/wards’ form/subject teacher in this book

·         Pencil Box (with at least 4 pencils sharpened, an eraser and a ruler)

·         Colour Pencils (a basic set will do)

·         A new or recycled folder/file for keeping of homework and letters neatly in the bag

·         A suitable storybook for silent reading


Lunch Arrangements


Students who have lunch brought to them can receive the lunches at the Main Gate or Side Gate E.


Lunch Arrangements On Fridays Only


Lunch on Friday is scheduled from 12.45 to 1.30pm. Parents/guardians who wish to pass food to your child during lunch may wait outside the Main Gate or Side Gate E at 12.45pm.


Entrance for Parents/Guardians or Visitors


Any parents/guardians or visitors who wish to enter the school would need to enter by the Main Gate where there will be security clearance and an issue of visitor passes.


Waiting Areas for Parents/Guardians


The waiting area for parents/guardians is just outside the Main Gate. We have provided benches there so that all could wait more comfortably.


There is also another waiting area at the void deck of Blk 72 outside Side Gate E.


Pupils Who Fall Sick


Pupils who are sick or hurt while in school must inform their form/subject teachers. When there is a need for a pupil to see a doctor or go home early, the form/subject teacher will assist the pupil to make a telephone call to the parent/guardian to come to school to fetch the pupil home. Parent/guardian must co-operate by coming to school as soon as possible.


The teacher has to record the necessary information in the “Early Dismissal” book and the parent/guardian must sign in the book before the child/ward can be taken home.


Remedial Class Schedules


In order to provide additional academic support for your child/ward, the level (P3 onwards) will be conducting remedial classes for selected children. Please refer to the remedial class schedule in the school’s termly letters.


Making Appointments via Phone


Call our General Office at 62717387 and leave a message for your child’s/ward’s form/subject teacher to call back OR set a day/time for an appointment with his/her form/subject teacher.


Making Appointments via Email


Contact your child’s/ward’s form teacher at



Annex B

Blangah Rise Primary School

Attendance Policy


School provides opportunities to learn and grow, hence we expect all students to be regular and punctual for school. The following are the expectations we have as a school community:


  1. All Blangahnites should attend school on ALL school days except for medical or valid reasons.
  2. A valid medical certificate must be submitted to the class teacher upon return from medical leave.
  3. For other reasons (e.g. death in family), a signed letter giving details and the specific dates is required. All such letters will be accepted on a case by case basis. For non-valid reasons, the student will be deemed as Absent Without Valid Reasons.



The community-at-large values education and often links bursaries and financial assistance to attendance. The school reviews the following subsidies and would take into consideration students’ attendance during the approval process:


  1. Transport Subsidy (EZ-link top-up concessions) and Bus Transport;
  2. Recommendation for public Bursary application by family/guardian (eg: CC, Buddhist Lodge, etc);
  3. School Pocket Money Fund through MSF and
  4. Participation in sponsored activities (e.g. concerts at the Esplanade)



The Compulsory Education Act has provided clear directions that all Singaporean children between the age of 6 and 15 must attend school. It may be an offence when a child fails to attend school regularly. If found guilty, the penalties provided in the Act are a fine not exceeding $5,000, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months, or to both.


The school will inform the Compulsory Education Unit (CEU) of Ministry of Education if a child fails to attend school regularly. Some of the follow-up actions by CEU may include:

  • A home visit by officers from MOE
  • referral to Singapore Children’s Society who will have intervention programmes with close monitoring
  • referral to other external agencies g. family service centres, child protection
  • Summon to court to face charges that may lead to a fine, for the parent / guardian, not exceeding $5000.00, or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months, or to both.



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