Principal’s January Letter 2017

16 January 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians,

A warm welcome back to school as we start the new term and continue our journey to develop joyful, confident and caring Blangahnites!



Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls on 28 and 29 January this year. The following Monday and Tuesday, 30 and 31st January will be a public holiday and school holiday respectively. The celebrations will be held on 27 January and we encourage students to come in their Chinese ethnic clothes on that day. School will function till 10am. School books will not be needed and the canteen will be closed.



BRPS has four strategic thrusts that guide us in our decision-making and allocation of resources in order for us to achieve our vision. The four strategic thrusts are:

  • Competent and caring staff
  • Developing confident learners
  • Developing caring leaders
  • Effective Partnerships

Each thrust has systems and processes for us to build upon to achieve outcomes that we monitor and improve on. The letter is organised in such a way to highlight some of the efforts in these thrusts.


  1. Strategic Thrust One: Competent and Caring Staff


Introduction of Year Heads of Junior, Middle and Senior Primaries

In order to address the needs of the students and ensure that the general school policy and programme cater to level needs, we have Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads to lead the Junior, Middle and Senior Levels. The Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads for the various levels are as follows:


Junior Primary

(P1 & 2)

Year Head – Mrs Leong-Ho Hil May (HOD English Language)

Assistant Year Head – Mr John Chia

Middle Primary

(P3 & 4)

Year Head– Mr Mohan Suppiah

Assistant Year Head– Mrs Jenny Quek (HOD Science)

Senior Primary

(P5 & 6)

Year Head – Mr Shang Thian Huat (HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics)

Assistant Year Head – Mdm Stephanie Song


School Safety & Security Measures

 School safety is of paramount importance especially when all parents have entrusted their children to the school. We have implemented a series of school and safety measures that we have discussed with parents and implemented since 2013. These arrangements for school arrival and dismissal are outlined in Annex A.


Travel Declaration

If you are planning to go overseas with your child during the school holidays, weekends and public holidays, grateful if you could inform us of your travel plans so as to ensure the health of our community is protected.

Online Travel Declaration

 A step by step guide on a desktop or mobile device is made available on our school website at:

New Home Page

Do log onto AsknLearn to declare your travel plans for each March, June, September and December holidays. A nil return is required for June and December holidays. In addition, should your family be travelling over the weekends or Public Holidays, please declare your travel plans as well. If you need further assistance please feel free to call us at 62717387.

Hardcopy Travel Declaration

 As for pupils without internet/mobile access from home, your child may collect a hardcopy travel declaration form from his/her Form Teacher.


 B. Strategic Thrust Two: Developing Confident Learners


‘Confident learners’ to us refer to learners who are engaged, self-directed and have a love for learning. In order to achieve that BRPS has numerous structures, processes and programmes that help our students develop good learning habits. For more information about our homework policy, please refer to Annex B. For information about our programmes and activities please refer to our school’s website:

New Home Page


Online Interactive E-Learning for Students through AsknLearn

As part of equipping our students with 21st century competencies, students will need to be familiar with the use of online resources to acquire knowledge, communicate and develop their creativity. BRPS has partnered with AsknLearn to provide such resources through rich multimedia and interactive lessons, starting from 09 January 2017 to 31 December 2017. More details on how to log in and use the system can be found in Annex C.


C. Strategic Thrust Three: Developing Caring Leaders

Regular Attendance

 With the intention to give every child the same head start in life and be taught the foundational knowledge, missing school would sometimes mean having a gap in the learning and disadvantaging the child. Hence we would like to reiterate that the school takes a very serious view of children not coming to school without valid reason. We would like to remind all parents that when your child is absent from school, it is mandatory that you either provide a medical certificate or a letter from you explaining the reason for absence. If there are none of these, we will treat it as absence without valid reason and follow up action will be taken, which might include the reporting of such cases to the Compulsory Education Unit in MOE. Attendance will also be taken into consideration when applying for bursaries and various awards. For more details of our Attendance Policy, please refer to Annex D.


3. Other Matters


School Service Providers
School Bus


                                    Gek Teck Transport Service

Contact Person:          Angela Tan (Manager)

Contact No.:                9119 6100 / 9126 7660


School Uniform Services                                     Beau Voix Uniform

Address:                      2 Sims Close #03-08


Singapore 387298

Contact Person:          Tony

Contact No.:                6743 6645 / 6744 7084 / 9637 6598



                                    HB Book Centre

Contact Person:          Jason Loh (Manager)

Contact No.:                6270 1060


Student Care Centre in BRPS Self Help Group Student Care Limited

Contact No.:                62704230


School Dental Clinic Contact Person:          Mdm Wan Foong Sim (Dental Therapist)

Contact No.:                6275 7395


 4. Reflections

I wish to share with you a funny quote that I saw one day on someone’s T-shirt:


“My job is TOP SECRET!

Even I don’t know what I’m doing!”


Though funny, it captures an important message. Do we know what we are doing as educators or parents? How do we make a difference for our children each moment of the day? Let us reflect and be purposeful in all the things we do to help develop joyful, confident and caring children!


Have a wonderful year ahead!


Yours sincerely,

Matthew Ou