Hebei Handan Laike Primary School

Our school hosted pupils and teachers from Hebei Handan Laike Primary School on 9 July and 10 July 2018. It was a meaningful cultural exchange for our pupils.

Reflections from pupils:
“It was a good eye-opener for me which I enjoyed. It was fun to be a guide to my new friend from China.” – Dusan Darius Eddy, 4 Opal

“I enjoyed my time spent with my new friend from China. We did a Merlion keychain together and also played some PE games together.” -- Heng Kok Huat Henri, 4 Opal

“My new friend Ansel, attended classes with me for the 2 days. I enjoyed studying with him.”
-- Yew Nian Yeow Nick, 5 Topaz

“Being a buddy to one of the pupils from China, was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the schools in China and more about the country. It was fun doing all the activities with my new friend from China. We shared the same hobby, that is reading and went to the library together during recess. Overall, I am very happy that I was given the chance to host my new friend and to learn a lot from her.” – Charlotte Soh Cai Yin, 5 Topaz