SATS School Meals Programme

SATS School Meals Programme


It is 9.30 a.m. Bernice, a Primary 1 student, waits eagerly in the queue in the canteen to get her food. When it is her turn, she taps her SATS Meal Card on the card terminal. She is glad to see that her favourite Mac ‘N’ Cheese is available for recess! She collects her food and excitedly joins her friends at the table. There, she sees that her friends are also eating their favourites – Singapore Fried Bee Hoon, Chicken Meatloaf Fried Rice with Omelette and Pancake Delight with Sausage.


Unlike a traditional school canteen which operates a few stalls, SATS, Asia’s leading airline caterer, has been engaged by schools to provide healthy and nutritious school meals for the students. Yet, there is no lack of choice compared to a traditional school canteen as the students have 22 meal options to choose from each day, from Western to Asian cuisine and in different portion sizes, to cater to the full range of palates and nutritional requirements.


Each term’s menu is carefully curated by award-winning SATS chefs. There are regular termly changes to the menu so there is a wide range of healthy options that students can look forward to try over the school year. There is also a dietician on the SATS team to ensure that the meals adhere to Health Promotion Board guidelines and offer the right amount of nutrients to sustain students through the school day. If parents want advice on their child’s nutritional needs, they can write in to the experts on the SATS Dietician and Culinary Team. Indeed, Mdm Sun, Bernice’s mother, is grateful that she can trust that her child’s needs are always met in terms of nutrition, taste and portion size.


Recognising that many children do not like to eat vegetables, SATS Chef Mark Ng says, “The vegetables are either blended into or ‘hidden’ in the food. They are also served in an attractive way so that children would want to eat them.”


SATS Dietician Teoh Wei Jie adds, “One example is the white sauce in the pasta, which is actually made of cauliflower.”


Parents also need assurance that the food that their children are consuming meets the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance. As a proud recipient of the AVA Food Safety Award (Platinum), SATS adheres strictly to regulatory guidelines to ensure the highest level of food safety. Their high quality ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers, there is strict process adherence to HACCP and ISO standards and the food is prepared in Grade ‘A’ hygiene production facilities. Meals are packed and delivered to the school in food-grade insulated boxes and kept in food warmers at a temperature suitable for students to handle and consume.


Parents like the fact that they can track and educate their children on what they are eating. Previously, they did not know what their children were eating at recess. Now, they can go online together at the start of each term to select the meals for recess and talk about the nutritional value of each meal displayed on the menu, such as the number of calories, the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and possible allergens. In that way, parents can guide their child towards healthy eating. With meals pre-ordered and paid for, parents do not have to worry about their children forgetting to have cash on hand to purchase food, or hygiene issues arising from handling cash.


For parents who do not want the hassle of going online to order the meals, there is the option of the School Recess Meal Subscription Programme where there is a fixed selection of meals each day and payment is made through the School Bill. Mdm Amanda, who has a Primary 1 child, expressed, “I like the convenience of payment through the School Bill because I don’t have to go through the hassle of going online to select the meals and make payment.”


Welcome to the future of the school canteen!


To view the Term 4 SATS menu, click here.

For information on how to order meals, click here.

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Visit by Teachers from Hainan, China

Visit by Teachers from Hainan, China

IMG_4435 (1)

On 16 July 2019, we hosted a group of English Language teachers from Hainan. Through this professional exchange, the teachers from Hainan gleaned useful ideas on the teaching of the English Language and ways to harness technology to enhance teaching and learning.

The teachers from Hainan observed lessons across different levels and had a conference with the teachers who conducted the lessons. Ms Magdalene Ho conducted a Primary 6 lesson on nets of a cube and leveraged on Student Learning Space (SLS) to form different nets of a cube and cuboid. Down in a Primary 1 class, Ms Maddie Wong got her students excited about learning vocabulary using HP Reveal and Nearpod. Mdm Uuchi assessed her students’ learning of irregular past tense verbs using Kahoot! The teachers from Hainan were impressed with how the use of ICT could enable students to be active and self-directed learners.

All in all, it was an engaging and fruitful session which provided the teachers from Hainan new ideas and perspectives. We wish them all the best!

A Special Event With Singapore’s Swim Queen, Ms Joscelin Yeo

A Special Event With Singapore’s Swim Queen, Ms Joscelin Yeo


“Every time I lost, it made me learn and get better. It is not about how many times you fail, but how you get up.” This piece of advice was given to the Primary 5 students by Singapore’s Swim Queen, Ms Joscelin Yeo, when she visited the school on October 2.

Ms Yeo candidly shared in her motivational talk to the Primary 5 students how she managed her herself when she was competing and schooling at the same time. Prior to that, Ms Yeo shared interesting stories about her swimming career at an interview session with Student Leaders.

Ms Yeo’s candour and humility resonated well with the students who could see how the 7 Habits were lived out in her life. Christiano said he would change his study routines to achieve his goals. Similarly, Brandon said that he would now work much closer with his friends to achieve shared goals through teamwork.

It was truly a memorable session with Ms Joscelin Yeo, which our students would remember for a long time to come.

Special Event with Mr Fandi Ahmad

Special Event with Mr Fandi Ahmad

BR Fandi Ahmad_20190902_9403-cover

“One must have a dream in life. If you are focused, everyone can achieve their dream. I enjoy playing football. I trained hard and believed in myself. We must never give up,” said Mr Fandi Ahmad during his interview with our Student Leaders.

Mr Fandi Ahmad, Singapore’s football legend, and currently the coach of the Young Lions, visited Blangah Rise Primary School on 2 September.

11-year-old Aarav shared, “Meeting Mr Fandi Ahmad was truly an honour!” Mr Fandi Ahmad had taught him about the 3Ds – Determination, Dedication and Discipline. Aarav added that he was inspired to practice the 3Ds and aimed to be a better footballer.

Following the interview, our boys in the Football CCA group had the opportunity to learn new football skills from Mr Fandi Ahmad during the football clinic. They displayed sportsmanship and cheered for their friends. Those special moments were captured by our MediaKids through their lenses.

It was truly a special event with Mr Fandi Ahmad which everyone would remember for a long time to come.

APEX: Writing Workshop

APEX: Writing Workshop

Teaching Blangahnites to Write Funny


“Wherever I walked, people pointed to me and called me ang moh, ang moh. I thought that was funny so I added it into the stories I wrote,” said Neil Humphreys at the start of his workshop on How to Write Funny with our APEX students on 31 July. Peals of laughter were heard constantly as our students held their sides during the entire workshop. Neil Humphreys, one of Singapore's most prolific writers who has published 20 books across many genres, came to Blangah Rise to run a workshop for our students, as part of the school's APEX programme. The school has worked with Book-A-Writer to invite local authors to run writing workshops to teach our APEX students how to write good short stories.

In the first workshop, Neil taught our students to write funny by focusing on the 4 Funnies – Funny Language, Funny Descriptions, Funny Characters, Funny Situations. The students could not stop laughing as they came up with their own funny stories.

Ten-year-old Wunna shared that he was grateful that Neil managed to come here, and that was what made APEX fun. Aarav, age 11, said, “I felt that the lesson was the most engaging and funny! His stories made me laugh like a mad man! Now I’m looking forward to the next session.”

At the end of the workshop, Neil encouraged our students to see the funny in every situation and with that, our students were all excited and primed for the next session.

Developing Rich Characters in Short Stories


Meet Tom, a worker in a fast-food restaurant who loves to eat but is overweight. Here’s John, a clown whose antics made a thousand people laugh. Let’s welcome Alice, a vain girl who thinks that beauty and success go hand-in-hand. These are some of the characters imagined by our APEX students in the second of our English writing workshops.

Following the successful workshop held by Neil Humphreys, Jon Gresham, director of the Singaporean literary community, Singlit Station, and author of a short story collection, We Rose Up Slowly, continued to teach our students writing skills. In the second workshop, our students learnt about the elements of good writing and focused on making their characters come alive. Imaginations ran wild as our students created their characters. In addition to their own ideas, our students were asked to generate ideas on post-its and exchange those ideas with one another in their writing.

“Do not to be afraid to get things wrong and be messy; you can revise and fix it later,” was the encouragement that Jon gave to our students to conclude the workshop.

Our series of writing workshops for APEX students will continue on 21 August and 4 September, so do watch this space to see how our budding writers are blooming!

Singapore Through Children’s Eyes

Singapore Through Children’s Eyes


Student leaders from Blangah Rise Primary School presented our Bicentennial-themed coffee table book, “Singapore Through Children’s Eyes”, to President Halimah Yacob on 28 July, 2019.  President Halimah had written a foreword for the book, which was supported by the Singapore Bicentennial Office.

The book chapters include our children's responses to old images and historical facts of Telok Blangah, interviews of long-time residents of Telok Blangah, children's photographs and reflections on iconic places in Singapore, and their hopes and aspirations for the future of Singapore. The book ends with an extension of “Telok Blangah”, a song written by Singapore singer-songwriter and film music composer, Kevin Mathews, using content from the earlier chapters.

Each book costs $40 and the full proceeds from the sale of the coffee table book will be donated to the President’s Challenge. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to own a copy of Blangah Rise’s Bicentennial-themed coffee table book. Please contact the school at 6271 7387 or email to purchase your copy. While stocks last!

SYF 2019 Celebration- Play!

SYF 2019 Celebration- Play!


Eight drama students from Primary 3 to 5 participated in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2019 celebration entitled Play! at Tampines Hub on the 6th July 2019. Under the guidance of Ms Ruth Leong, students crafted a fractured fairytale based on the two Asian stories – The Firebird and the Story of Nian.

In this story, students showcase how man and beast can live harmoniously together if they seek first to understand each other and then be proactive to help one another. In this way, the orchard was nurtured into prosperity and both Nian and the man were never poor or hungry again.

Our drama students displayed courage and talent. Two students were awarded the SOTA Arts Development Award (ADA) 2019. We congratulate Tiara Ketysha and Nur Humaira for their remarkable achievements in theatre.


Plot synopsis

A blending of the tale of the Firebird and the story of Nian, in our story we tell the tale of a poor man and his struggling orchard, his only source of income, and the strange beast that secretly visits it. In a bid to discover the cause of the mysterious damage to his orchard, the poor man struggles to stay awake late into the night to find the mysterious creature eating his fruit. One night, he caught sight of an animal feasting on the fruits, but it fled before he could catch it. Feeling determined to regrow his plants, the poor man persevered – buying seeds and replanting trees, watching over his orchard day and night. The strange beast looked at the poor man and pitied him, struggling every day and night to maintain his orchard. Feeling sorry for the man, and regretful of the damage that he had caused, the strange beast began to help the man replant and regrow and tend his orchard. Together, the man and the beast nurtured the orchard into prosperity together, and neither went poor or hungry again.


Bicentennial Edition: The Green Snapshots!

Bicentennial Edition: The Green Snapshots!


Blangah Rise Primary School has been awarded the School Heritage Champion Award (Silver) by the National Heritage Board (NHB) at the recent School Heritage Champion Awards ceremony. The school was acknowledged for its continued advocacy for heritage education and sustained partnership through its heritage and nature trail, The Green Snapshots.

Last Saturday, the School also had its 2nd run of The Green Snapshots Trail: Bicentennial Edition. Great weather and enthusiastic participants made the public trail a memorable one! Check out the pictures here!