A Chat with our Olympian, Mr Clarence Chew

What are your struggles when playing table tennis?

What are the factors to your success in table tennis?

How has Covid-19 affected your table tennis training schedule?

These were some of the questions our Blangahnites had for Mr Clarence Chew, Singapore’s first local-born male to qualify for the Olympics. Bright and early on the morning of 25 May 2021, our Blangahnites signed on to Zoom for an e-assembly talk, excited to meet Singapore’s very own table tennis legend-in-the-making.

In partnership with Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA), the talk was originally planned as part of our school’s in-person assembly programme. However, with the announcement of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures, we quickly adapted this talk to an e-assembly format to complement our Full Home-Based Learning (FHBL) Student Development curriculum. This exemplifies our commitment to continuous learning and student development during FHBL.

Our parents were also invited to attend this e-assembly talk with their children to learn more about Clarence’s sporting journey. Clarence shared about the dreams he had of being a professional table tennis player since he was five years-old, and the sacrifices he had to make along the way. Callis, a Primary 4 student, shared, "Mr, Chew is a proactive person and some day I want to make Singapore proud by entering in a dance competition! I learnt that sometimes you have to take the hard way instead of the easy way."

Clarence also shared his personal disappointment when losing to his team-mate Mr Koen Pang at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. He later channeled that disappointment into success when he defeated Mr Koen Pang at the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament 2021, thus earning the privilege to represent Singapore at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. From his sharing, our students learnt that undergirding the endless hours of training is Clarence’s indomitable spirit of excellence. Choo Zhi Lin, a Primary 5 student, reflected, “I learnt that self-belief and hard work will always lead us to success.”

At the end of the session, Clarence had the following words of wisdom for the young ones in attendance: “Always have a little faith and belief. When you are facing defeat and tough times, always believe in yourself. Only with that belief can you work harder and turn defeat into success.”

Our students left the session inspired to persevere in the face of challenges and to overcome difficulties in pursuit of their dreams. Amelia, a Primary 4 student, shared “The talk was really motivating, and it was really fun to watch all the different videos about the Olympics!” Following the session, students will pen postcards to convey their heartfelt support to the local athletes bearing the Singapore Flag at the Tokyo Olympics.

BRPS wishes Clarence all the very best at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, flying our Singapore flag high!

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Virtual School Tour and Online Quiz


Dear preschool parents, our Virtual School Tour is up and running. You may access it here and browse through the programmes our school has to offer. Furthermore, after completing the Virtual School Tour, answer all the questions in our online quiz correctly to stand a chance to win a copy of our Bicentennial Coffee Table Book!

*Prizes are only available to preschool parents who have visited the Virtual School Tour.

Thank you.

International Friendship Day 2021

Singapore in the World is the theme for 2021’s commemoration of International Friendship Day, which was held from 7-13 April 2021. A series of activities held throughout the week exposed students to a rich diversity of cultures.

During CCE lessons, students learnt different languages, cultures and traditions of various countries. In line with the theme, students learnt about the importance of collaborating with other countries. In addition, students designed a “virtues card”, using one virtue to expound on the meaning of friendship.

A lesson package was created on the Student Learning Space (SLS) for students to learn more about ASEAN cultures and traditions. Singapore Kindness Movement also conducted a virtual assembly, on the themes of care, respect and friendship, regardless of nationality.

During recess, students were given the chance to experience playing different traditional games. A video screening booth was also set up in canteen for students to learn more about their schoolmates of different nationalities. In the video, International Students introduced their countries and traditions.

It was indeed an engaging and meaningful week for our students. Through the various activities, they learnt to understand and develop the spirit of friendship across different nationalities.

Screenshot (81)
SLS Learning

“I enjoyed playing Capteh during recess. I learnt some techniques of playing the Capteh from my friend. I think it was really fun! I tried Kendamd as well. It was challenging but I managed to do it!”

           Michael, Primary 5


“I am happy to share about New Zealand’s culture and traditions to my schoolmates. I felt nervous to be on camera. However, I am glad that my friends can know more about my hometown.”

Alra, Primary 4

Upcycling! Recycling! We Celebrate Earth Day

Giving new life to waste products through upcycling, challenging students to recycle right and classrooms which open up to a garden— these are some of the environmental education programmes in Blangah Rise Learning Campus. On 22 April 2021, students commemorated Earth Day with a series of upcycling activities, where students transformed used toilet rolls and bottle caps into animal sculptures, pencil holders, bottle cap coasters and money banks.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3


Besides upcycling, environmental ambassadors in each class encouraged their peers to recycle right with recycling bins in every classroom. The school collaborated closely with South West CDC and SembWaste for their recycling outreach programme, and worked with the pre-schools around Telok Blangah such as MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise and E-Bridge Pre-School Telok Blangah. On our campus, classrooms on the ground floor open up to a Blooming Garden. Each class owns a gardening plot, providing authentic opportunities throughout the year for students to flex their green fingers— growing and harvesting produce to share with the school community. Through these platforms, students grow, learn, and serve as future Eco Stewards.



Student Reflections

Our activity is to make a coaster. I learnt that we can reuse unwanted items and make them into new things. In the activity, we could use our imagination to create the shapes and use bottle caps of different colours to make the coaster. We could make it into a square or a flower, into whatever we wanted to. I would use my coaster when I have my next drink!

Khush, Primary 3


I have learnt that we can recycle bottle caps and we can make a coaster out of them. I like the activity because we can recycle bottle caps and not waste them. I will use it when I have a drink and I will place my drink on the coaster.

Kerine, Primary 3


I learnt that upcycling is using a recyclable material and changing it to something useful in life. I like the activity because it has taught me how to recycle and I will put my new piggy bank to use!

Athan, Primary 4



Preparing our MK Pre-schoolers through the K2 Transition Programme

In Term 2, our K2 pre-schoolers had an insight into what they can experience in Blangah Rise Primary school (BRPS). As part of the K2 Transition Programme, two unique BRPS programmes were introduced to the K2 pre-schoolers.

The first programme was Young Photographers where Ms Teresa Leong talked to our pre-schoolers about important tips to bear in mind when taking a photo. The MK pre-schoolers were very excited to apply the tips gleaned from this session. With an iPad in hand, they sought -out what they wanted to focus on in the school and MK garden.

The second programme our MK pre-schoolers experienced was Junior Reporters. Our pre-schoolers listened intently as Ms Chong Jie Shi explained to our pre-schoolers the special green screen effect used for the broadcasting. The pre-schoolers also took turns to try this out and were amazed when they saw the background change from green to the intended back drop. “Wow, see the background change!” exclaimed Shaheeda from K2 Integrity. This “wow” moment of magic for the pre-schoolers definitely left a lasting imprint in the minds of our kindergarten pre-schoolers.

Our primary school teachers also came into the MK classrooms to observe and understand how our MK students learn in class. Their observation of the MK Starlight and Hi-Light lessons impressed upon the teachers the notion of engaged and purposeful play through hands on activities. The teacher-made resources also inspired the primary school teachers to apply the same strategies in the primary school classroom. 

Such sessions, integrating learning across MK and primary school, be rolled out throughout the year to allow our MK pre-schoolers to better understand what they can expect when they go to Primary 1. With such preparation, our MK pre-schoolers will definitely have a smooth transition to primary schools!

Young Photographers 2
Young Photographer 3
IMG_Junior Resporters 1
IMG_Junior Reporters 2

Engineering-related Learning Activities (ERLA) and Robotics

"Students learn by applying and by doing, and they learn beyond the classroom. They see for themselves how they can apply what they have learnt to the real world."

- Former Education Minister (Schools) Ng Chee Meng

(during a parliamentary speech in 2018)

In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world we live in today, change is the only constant. To prepare our students to be future-ready, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), also known as Aspiring Confident Engineers (ACE) @ BRPS, aims to develop creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in our students.

In Semester One, our students got to take part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities which consist of Engineering-related Learning Activities (ERLA) and Robotics as shown in the table below.

Level STEM Activities
ERLA Robotics
P2 Man’s Landing on the Moon Let’s Move It!
P3 Designing a Maglev System

(To be carried out in Term 3)

Let’s Cool It!
P4 Theme: Water Filtration Let’s Recycle!
P5 Making a Solar Oven

(To be carried out in Term 3)

Let’s Clean Up!

The STEM Activities required students to collaborate together in teams to solve real-world problems. During the process, students were given the platform to explore, investigate and ask questions as they analysed the problems that were given to them. Such a systems-thinking approach to problem-solving and decision-making not only help students develop their communication and social skills, but also build their self-confidence.

“I got to use the laboratory thermometer to measure temperature. From the hands-on experience, I understand how heat travels from a hotter to a cooler place.” -Naziha Binti Mohamad Nasir, 3 Sapphire

“I enjoyed the P5 Robotics session as it challenged me to think of how to design a robot out of Lego to clean up the beach. We had to do research on how we wanted our robot to reduce water pollution and prrogramme it with the use of an iPad to pick up trash. I felt that the project was very meaningful as beach pollution is a real-world issue faced by many countries!” -Reflection by Nguyen Minh Dat (Richie), 5 Sapphire

ALP Highlights Photo