Celebrating our BRLC Teachers!

The school came together on Teachers’ Day to celebrate our beloved teachers. The day started off with an encouraging message from our principal Mr Foo, who unpacked the meaning of teaching and deep purpose of the profession. After the message from Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education, the concert swung into action. We first enjoyed a series of videos created by the Ministry of Education celebrating the teaching profession. These videos reminded us of the deep commitment from our teachers. "The performances allowed me to think back on the times where my teachers were always there for me. The joy of being able to light up smiles on my teachers' faces is indescribable," Aggie shared.

This was followed by a video highlighting the unique talents of our students. We were blown away by the beautiful musical performances and magic tricks by our students. “We love our teachers,” the lyrics went in the performance put up by our Senior Primary and Middle Primary students. The little ones from the MOE kindergarten proceeded to charm everyone with their delightful dance. Although this format of celebrations differed from the exuberant celebrations of previous years, it was no doubt still a heart-warming one.  "I enjoyed the Teachers' Day Celebration even though it is not as grand as celebrations before Covid, where students would perform on stage. I will definitely miss my teachers after I graduate," shared Hannah from 6 Opal.

Finally, our active Parent Support Group showed their appreciation for teachers through a live speech and appreciation video. As the concert drew to a close, students presented all teachers with a token of appreciation. Before the celebration ended, teachers bonded with students through games and class activities. It was a memorable and fun-filled day for everyone!

“Even though celebrations were held virtually, I could feel the warmth and sincerity of the students. I particularly enjoyed the video compilation of performances by students!" Miss Esther Teo said.



Insect visitors in our Primary 2 classrooms!

Stick insects visited our Primary 2 students in Term 3. The students were thrilled to see the stick insects and enthusiastically requested to handle them. So, we had some students to try! After several attempts to get the stick insect to crawl up, Gwyneth finally earned its trust and her friends applauded the attempt. She shared, “The stick insect felt ticklish on my skin and it felt really soft to the touch!”

Next, we tried to have the stick insect move on to another student but it just wasn’t ready. So we might try that next time! The stick insect crawled back to the tank on its own from Gwyneth’s hand.

P/S: No stick insect was hurt in this activity.

The Animals’ Corner is part of the school’s effort to equip students with socio-emotional skills and leadership qualities. We inculcate virtues such as care, respect and responsibility to create a lasting impact on the students’ own personal and interpersonal growth through the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP). The experience also provided students the platform to put the virtues into practice.

IMG-20210823-WA0010 (1)

President’s Award for Teachers (PAT)

The President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) recognises excellent educators for their role in moulding the future of our nation. This year, Mr James Han is one of the 17 2021 PAT finalists. The award recognises caring and nurturing educators committed to developing their students to their fullest potential and constantly adopting innovative approaches in their lessons. One of the areas that Mr Han was recognised for was his work in the implementation of The Virtues Project, a popular international framework of 52 virtues, that has been adapted for Blangah Rise Primary School in 2020. The framework was intended to reshape teacher-student relationships and help students be more engaged in their learning. To do that, the Five Strategies of the Virtues Project are used. At the heart of it, Mr Han and his fellow teachers in Blangah Rise Primary School are striving to be better mentors to their students. Our congratulations goes to Mr Han as a 2021 PAT finalist!


BRPS celebrates National Day 2021, “Together, Our Singapore Spirit”

"I felt proud when I was able to hold the National Singapore Flag as a Singaporean. What makes it more spectacular is that it was my very first time to be involved in the National Day Observance Ceremony." - Humaira

"The feeling was different because this time I got to hold the flag and walk slowly towards the flag poles. Even though I felt nervous, it was a good experience." - Shanaz

"I felt good as I was selected to represent the school in the Observance Ceremony. It was a mixed feeling of being scared and excited because everyone in the school was watching. I was glad I did not mess up and executed the plan." - Guan Jun

True to this year's National Day theme, “Together Our Singapore Spirit”, BRPS begun the day’s celebration with a simple and solemn Observance Ceremony at the parade square, led by selected students from 6 Topaz. From the comfort of their respective classrooms, the students were then brought to listen to the National Day message via Zoom. . The school was treated to a spectacular Virtual Choir performed by students from the Junior Primary, choreographed and produced by Ms Judy Kong and Mdm Kimberly Koh. This was followed by another online video montage to celebrate the life lessons learnt from our local athletes in view of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The video was made possible by the Young Photographers and produced by Ms Seow Wen Yi, accompanied by a music composed by Ms Ruth Leong.

Amid the tightened Covid-19 measures, the mood of the celebration was raised several notches higher when students and teachers engaged in the various classroom activities. Teachers in class organized an inter-house NDP quiz with prizes to test our students’ knowledge of Singapore and the National Day. While the quiz was ongoing, the presence of the RSAF helicopters carrying the Singapore flag flying above the Telok Blangah airspace added to the exuberant and perfect backdrop to our celebration.  Despite the prevailing safe management measures, BRPS had a phenomenal celebration indeed!    

NDP 2021 Observance Ceremony 2
MK ND Celebration In Class
MK Listening to ND Message

Two BRPS students advance to finals of 2021 Scrabble Tournament For Beginners by Mattel

Nathanael (Online Scrabble Competition 2021)

This is the second year that our school participated in the 2021 Scrabble Tournament For Beginners Southeast Asia (Online), organized by by Mattel. However, unlike the previous year, this year's tournament structure was expanded to include participants of other Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The top 4 winners of each country will represent their nation at the Virtual Southeast Asian Finals.

Our four students, Uthaila (4 Sapphire), Nathanael (4 Topaz), Yogitha (5 Sapphire) and Michael (5 Sapphire) were tasked with competing against students in other primary schools in the Singapore category on 14 August 2021. All four gave their best throughout their games. At the end of the day, Nathanael and Michael were placed in the top 12 and proceeded to the Grand Finals, which was held on 15 August 2021. There were 24 participants in the Grand Finals vying for the top 4 positions to represent Singapore for the Southeast Asian Finals.

Both students managed to chalk up 2 wins in the finals. Overall, Nathanael and Michael did the school proud when they achieved 13th and 20th position respectively. Despite not being placed in the top 4 of the finals, we are proud of them for taking on this enriching learning experience!

"Although I feel a little disappointed that I got 13th place, it was a good experience since it was my first time. I hope to get a better result by practising more, if there is another online Scrabble competition." - Nathanael (4 Topaz)

"I feel that it was very hard and I had not thought that everyone would play so competitively. I think that if I have another opportunity like this, I will be more prepared." - Michael (5 Sapphire)

"During the online Scrabble competition, I learnt many new words. Even though I did not get to the next level, I still will not give up and will do well for the next competition, I gave my best in the competition." Yogitha (5 Sapphire)

"I was quite nervous because I had to think fast. It was a good experience though. I hope to take part in future online Scrabble competitions if I'm given the chance. I'll be ready!" Uthaila (4 Sapphire)

Michael (Online Scrabble Competition 2021)
Nathanael Scrabble
Yogitha and Uthaila (Online Scrabble Competition 2021) (1)

Johnathan Chan: Determined to Dream Big and Persevere!

“I am overjoyed to achieve the bronze award for the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools. The time and effort that I put in for the Math Olympiad trainings and self-revision sessions were worth it. I will continue to do my best always!” shared Jonathan from Primary 6.

Jonathan Chan is a student who relentlessly pursues excellence and is hungry for knowledge. It was therefore no surprise when he obtained a Bronze award in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools. As a reserved boy, he overcomes his personal fears and displays the virtue of determination and perseverance in class. He never fails to participate actively in class discussions in order to make the best of his learning. This year, Jonathan represented our school in National Math competitions that include the River Valley Math Challenge 2021, Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest 2021 and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 2021.

Competitions are not alien to Jonathan. As an active member of the STEM Club, Jonathan also represented our school in the National Robotics Competition and the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competitions that were organised by the Singapore Science Centre. In order to achieve perfection in the making of his own aeroplane, he explored multiple ways and methods.  Jonathan also proved himself as an excellent team player and leader as he worked together with his team members to explore, investigate and solve real-life problems.

Ms Ivy Teo shared, “It is a joy to have Jonathan in my class. Jonathan is self-motivated and perseveres always in all that he does. He is a good role-model for the class.’


Gail Lien: 34th Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)

Gail Lien, 4 Topaz, represented our school in the 34th Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA). The primary aim of PESA is to promote effective and articulate use of plain yet attractive spoken English amongst schools in Singapore. Gail performed marvelously and was placed in the Top 7 for the Upper Primary Category to advance to the Grand Finals.

Gail shared that prior to participating in the 34th, she was a timid girl who doubted her abilities and herself. Through close partnerships with her parents and personal tutelage from her teacher, she was able to break out from her timid shell. This was apparent when Gail captivated the judges with her speech “If I had $1000…” and clinched a spot in the semi-finals. The judges commended Gail for her sincere speech in which she shared how she raised money for KK Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

With new found confidence, Gail wrote a new script and prepared her speech for the finals within two weeks. She shared that prior to PESA, she would have seen this as an insurmountable task and would have doubted herself. However, growing in her confidence, she found her footing in public speaking and developed a personalised presentation style. In fact, Gail’s English teacher shared with her that she was able to see Gail’s growth as her writing has improved tremendously.

In her conversations with her teacher, she shared that she has found her own style of public speaking and grown in confidence and expressiveness. Through PESA, she learned to never doubt herself. “Regardless of the final result, the invaluable lessons from my journey is the greatest award because I am now a better vision of myself compared to two months ago,” shared Gail.

The final results for the 34th Plain English Speaking Awards will be released on Monday 23 August 2021 but in our eyes, Gail is already a winner.



Aarav Jalan: Finalist for Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (Primary) Award.

We would like to congratulate our alumni, Aarav Jalan, who was shortlisted for the final interview of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (Primary) Award. The award recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify the qualities articulated in our desired outcomes of education.

As a student of Blangah Rise Primary School, Aarav was mature and responsible. He displayed his leadership responsibilities when he was the Head Prefect in 2020. He led by suggesting ways to improve students’ well-being in the school with his two deputy head prefects. The suggestions included playing different sports during recess and running a campaign to encourage students to respect others. His team also took the initiative to ask fellow students how the prefects could better support them. During full Home-based Learning in 2020, he showed his empathy and care for his schoolmates when he saw the importance of encouraging his fellow peers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasised the need for everyone to play their part in order to overcome the pandemic.

From 2018 to date, Aarav stepped forward to volunteer at the West Coast Community Club Youth Executive Committee (YEC). Although he had not met the minimum age for YEC, he believed that it was a good way of serving and giving back to the community. During the December holidays in 2020, he helped in the distribution of TraceTogether tokens to fellow Singaporeans at West Coast Community Centre. He explained the use of the tokens to seniors and school-going children during his duties. He also volunteered in Earth Hour and the West Coast Park Clean-up organised by the Park Neighbourhood Committee on several occasions.

For being exemplary in conduct and character, as well as excelling academically and in CCA, Aarav received the Edusave Character Award and the school-based P6 Best All-rounded Student Award. He was also the Valedictorian of his graduating cohort. In his Valedictorian speech, he shared about how he embraced the challenges of COVID-19 with courage and self-discipline, practised empathy and active listening with his peers in order to be a good student leader and demonstrated gratitude to everyone who had supported him.

At BRPS, we are proud of Aarav for making it to the final round of interviews for the Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (Primary) Award. Although Aarav did not receive the award, he believes that every setback is a lesson that is yet to be learnt.

“Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop new valuable life skills. In short, I am not afraid of facing problems and failures. The school motto from my alma mater is ‘Be Steadfast’. The motto which is just two words reminds me to stand firm at all times, whether I am under pressure or experiencing adversity,” he reflected.

 “I constantly remind myself not to be discouraged if things do not go my way. I am pleased that I was able to encourage my schoolmates as well as to serve the vulnerable seniors in the community. Through the humbling experiences that I had, I am optimistic that I will be able to cope with difficult circumstances should I face them again and I look forward to volunteering in my secondary school and the community again.”

Aarav was from the graduating class of 2020 and is currently a student of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
Aarav was from the graduating class of 2020 and is currently a student of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).