Active Lifestyle continues in a different form!

Active Lifestyle continues in a different form!

In view of the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we modified the annual Active Lifestyle Day. Instead of hosting a mass event on one day, we spread out the activities over a week and organised them at the class level. Through a series of activities, students were encouraged to develop and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, which is all the more crucial during this period to build up our immunity.

Students began the week by participating in an intra-level poster competition using health-related themes of eating well and staying well. The students' posters were then put on display at the school canteen, where every student could vote for the best poster in each level.

To build better awareness of their diet and to develop healthier eating habits, Gavin from 5 Sapphire took part in the NKF “No Sugary Drink Challenge” and challenged himself not to drink sugary drinks. Arianna from 4 Sapphire said, “Using the food log, I wrote down what I ate every day and reviewed it for two weeks to make healthier food choices.”

Students also had the opportunity to participate in an indoor obstacle course, applying the fundamental movement skills taught in PE lessons.

To start them young, our Primary 1 students took part in a bento-making session organised by SATS. They were first introduced to the “My Healthy Plate”, then had an opportunity to be little chefs by preparing a Rainbow Bento for themselves. The session reinforced the importance of personal hygiene as the students practised washing of hands and wore gloves, an apron, a mask and a chef’s hat. “I learn to eat vegetables of different colours – green, orange and yellow. The food is so colourful!” said Katie from 1 Sapphire.

 Eeden from 1 Opal added, “I learn not to eat too much sauce and I like the smiley face my teacher put on my bento using the sauce.”

Our K1 and K2 children also participated in a workout at the class level conducted by PE teachers from the primary school. They were taught to stay active and participate in physical activity as this helps to boost their immune system and reduce their risk of falling sick. The children also learned about the importance of good nutrition such as eating more fruits and vegetables. To reinforce this message, the children enjoyed a fruit cup during their snack time.

Kadyon See Kai from K2 Integrity said, “I do some exercise and I sing our Singapore song. It was fun because I get myself healthy. I eat fruit cup and bread.”

At the end of the week, Aqeel Qushairy from 4 Sapphire said, “I learned to exercise regularly and eat healthily. Exercising is good for me and I like it. I also learn to stay safe from the coronavirus situation – I can exercise at home, try not to go out and eat healthily if possible.”


BCA Green Mark Goldplus Award

BCA Green Mark Goldplus Award

Blangah Rise Primary School has been awarded the BCA Green Mark Goldplus Award based on the Green Mark Criteria for Existing Schools.

BCA Green Mark is a green building rating system to evaluate a building for its environmental impact and performance. The assessment criteria evaluates energy efficiency, water efficiency, environment protection, indoor environmental quality and other green/innovative features. The evaluation provides an indication of the environmental friendliness of the building design and operation. 


Picture for BCA Award

BRPS Green Mark Features:

  • Provision of recycling bins at strategic locations within the school – classrooms, canteen, indoor sports hall, staff rooms and general office.
  • Provision of twin bins in classrooms and staff rooms to encourage recycling by students and staff.
  • A range of native plants in the school garden, along the walkways and around the school ponds. Labels are put up and information is displayed for each type of plant to provide the students and staff with more knowledge about these plants.
  • Green Ambassadors are appointed in each class to help foster sustainable environmental habits in the school.
  • Provision of platforms to create awareness among staff and students on Environmental Sustainability (e.g. Assembly talks, Project GAIA, Outreach Programmes).
  • Provision of Green Corner where newspaper articles and posters are put up by the Little Green Ambassadors for students to read. These articles and posters provide information on eco-habits that one should adopt and updates on environmental and water issues.
  • Energy and water usage in the school are monitored and documented. The information provides trend data on energy and water utilisation, which are then communicated to staff and students to raise awareness of conservation by reducing consumption.


Interview session with Ms Lim Heem Wei

Interview session with Ms Lim Heem Wei

“I focus on the process rather than the outcome. If we focus on the process and give our 100 percent all the way, then the results will speak for itself. If you have a dream, go for it! There is no more ‘what if’ when the time has passed,” said Ms Lim Heem Wei during her interview with our student leaders.

Ms Lim Heem Wei, the first Singaporean gymnast to qualify for the Olympic Games, visited Blangah Rise Primary School on 5 February. After being interviewed by our students, Ms Lim led them in stretching exercises and basic gymnastics.

12-year old Irina shared, “I have a passion for gymnastics and I go for training three times a week. It is important to balance my time between studies and training. I might face challenges but I have learnt from Ms Lim the importance of being positive, pressing on and working hard towards my goals.”

Ms Lim’s encouragement to pursue our dreams resonated with 10-year old Gabriel. He said, “I will definitely strive to work hard towards my goal and not give up whenever I encounter difficulties.”

The session also reinforced the value of peer support and teamwork for 12-year old Shane who shared that he could always count on his friends for support in his learning.

A big THANK YOU to Ms Lim Heem Wei for spending time with our students and inspiring them!

BR Lim Heem Wei_20200205_3942

Keeping school safe and healthy for all

9-year-old Nathanael from Blangah Rise Primary School walks into school at 7.10am. In the past, he would have assembled with his classmates in the school hall, but since 5 Feb, he has been going directly to her classroom for the flag-raising ceremony as part of the social distancing measures for the COVID-19 situation. When he gets there, he sees that some of his friends are already taking their temperature with their oral digital thermometer, and he proceeds to take his temperature too. His teacher records his attendance and temperature in School Cockpit Mobile, an MOE-owned mobile application for attendance and temperature taking.

Nathanael and his friends will do a second temperature taking at 12.30pm. “The teachers want to make sure that we do not have a fever or flu symptoms so that viruses cannot spread and we can all be safe and well,” explains Nathanael.

Teachers have been using videos and infographics to educate students about COVID-19 and reminding them about the importance of washing their hands and not touching their faces. The students also accessed the just-in-time lesson package on COVID-19 on the Student Learning Space (SLS), an online learning platform. Nathanael said, “Our Science teacher showed us pictures of a coronavirus under a microscope. I went home and talked to my parents about how we can keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus, such as not touching live animals and washing our hands with soap.”

Nathanael is disappointed that the P3 SwimSafer Programme has been suspended as he had looked forward to it every Thursday. The P4 camp and P5 learning journey to the NEWater Visitor Centre have also been postponed. The National School Games have been suspended to reduce the risks of exposure from inter-mingling of students across schools and minimise exposure to crowds at external venues. “However, we are glad that P.E. lessons and CCAs will still carry on, including our favourite Floorball and Ultimate Frisbee in the afternoons!” remarks 12-year-old Zanphanie.

Recess timings have been shifted so that each level has a separate recess timing. The school had quickly worked out a new timetable so that recess times can be staggered to minimise the congregation of students in large numbers. Teachers lead the students to the washing points and ensure that they wash their hands with soap before eating. They do likewise before the students’ snack break and lunch. After eating, students are reminded to clean up after themselves. The students have assigned seating, washing points and toilet areas to minimise mingling across different levels.

“I wash my hands very regularly now. I can now do the 8 steps of washing my hands without looking at the poster that shows the steps!” says 11-year old Neharika.

As 92% of the Primary 1 students are in the SATS “Be Bright, Eat Right” Subscription Meal Programme, the SATS meals are brought to their classrooms at 9.30am. 7-year-old Luka exclaims, “It is very special because I get to eat with my friends in the classroom and my teachers serve us our food!”

At dismissal time, the teachers ensure that students do not congregate at the school gate. Lunch on remedial days has also been staggered, with the P6 students having an earlier lunch break. For students who go to the school-based Student Care Centre (SCC), the SCC staff have taken precautionary measures such as segregating the students by levels for lunch and tea break, as well as rest, homework and play time. 9-year-old Lionel shares, "At the Student Care Centre, we are now separated by levels. I got used to this new routine very quickly and know that our teachers care for us.”

Even the school bus company is playing their part by issuing bus captains a personal thermometer for them to take their temperature twice daily. They have been disinfecting the school buses more regularly, especially for touchpoints like grab poles, seats and windows. Each school bus will have a bottle of hand sanitizer for the bus captains and students to use.

At MOE Kindergarten and Kindergarten Care, measures have been taken to protect the youngest children in our midst. Flag-raising is carried out in the children’s classrooms. Travel declarations have been obtained for parents and caregivers. Ms Marina Ho, MK Centre Head, explained, “Young children in pre-school make use of their sense of touch to learn about things around them. To protect our children, we clean touched surfaces, toys and commonly shared items more frequently. We also constantly remind them not to share food, drinks and eating utensils with others.”

Throughout the school, the Operation Support Officers and contract cleaners have been adhering to the sanitation and hygiene advisory from NEA. Frequently touched points such as handrails, door knobs and canteen tables and chairs are disinfected regularly. For toilets, the cleaners have also stepped up frequently touched areas such as water taps, door/towel/cistern handles, toilet bowls and their seats and cover flaps, wash basins, door knobs, buttons and switches. They check the toilets and ensure adequate supply of toilet paper and liquid soap at all times. The playground is also disinfected regularly. Mdm Rozinah Binti Shamsuddin, one of the school’s Operation Support Officers, has ensured that a bottle of hand soap is placed in every classroom. She says, “Even though I am busier, I am happy to do all these because I am concerned about the children. We can prevent this virus from spreading though proper hygiene and cleaning the school thoroughly. I want the children to be well.”

At the school gate, Security Officers have played their part by conducting temperature taking and visual screening for respiratory/flu-like symptoms for all visitors and obtaining their travel declarations. They record contact details of the visitors to facilitate contact tracing if needed.

As the school commemorates Total Defence Day on 15 Feb, staff and students are reminded that everyone has a part to play in practising good personal hygiene, being responsible and empathetic, and staying united as a nation. The students are preparing posters and cards for the frontliners, including healthcare workers and public transport workers who are working hard to keep Singapore running. They learn that as part of our psychological defence, we should not circulate rumours online, or hoard facemasks or food. As PM Lee Hsien Loong has urged us, let us stay united and resolute in this new coronavirus outbreak. This is what it means to be Singaporean. This is who we are.”

Interview session with Ms Nur Syahidah Alim

“Persevere in everything we do so that we can be better in life,” reflected 12-year old Christiano after meeting Ms Nur Syahidah Alim.

Ms Syahidah, Singapore’s world Number 1 para archer, met our student leaders on 20 January at the Singapore Sports Hub. The interview session was captured by our MediaKids which provided them with the opportunity to apply photography skills in authentic settings.

“I had a really tough childhood when I was in primary school and secondary school. I was bullied a lot because of my condition. I was not able to run or walk as fast as others, and because of that, my classmates looked down on me. I was exempted from PE and sports events. It was lonely. I tried to be brave…Archery has helped me to build my confidence. When you become more passionate in your sport and you are good at it, you become more confident,” said Ms Syahidah.

Through this session, our student leaders learnt from Ms Syahidah how it was important to be determined in achieving one’s goals and not let challenges stop us from doing what we love.

11-year old Aggie shared, “Meeting Ms Syahidah personally was truly an inspiring moment! She has taught me valuable lessons which I can apply in school and life.”

11-year old Jesslyn remembered Ms Syahidah’s encouragement to “Dare to Dream and Dream Big” and renewed her commitment to work hard to pursue her dreams.

We are grateful to be able to meet our very own world Number 1 para archer. Watch this space for more inspiring stories on our local athletes in the lead up to 2020 Olympics!

Clean Up South West! 2020

To all students and parents! Blangah Rise Learning Campus presents Clean Up SouthWest 2020 in collaboration with SouthWest CDC, SW FuturePlan and E-Bridge Pre-School. Recycle your old clothes and papers for a greater cause. We accept old newspapers, magazines, paper, clothes and fabrics. A food donation will be made to the needy in the SouthWest district for every 3kg worth of items collected. Let us do our part to help those in need especially during this festive season.

Date: 15th to 20th January 2020

Venue: Blangah Rise Learning Campus (CCA Room 1)

You may hand the items to your child/ward to bring to school or deposit them at the school’s CCA Room 1.

Thank you.

Our BRPS inaugural Floorball CCA session

The floorball stick has 2 parts – the shaft and the blade…

A group of students listened attentively as Coach Lavina gave an introduction to Floorball, which marked the start of our BRPS inaugural Floorball CCA session on 8 January 2020.

A sports similar to Hockey, Floorball promotes good psychomotor skills, quick reflexes and great teamwork among the players. Although many of the Blangahnites were new to Floorball, it definitely did not seem like it. They held the sticks firmly and worked their bodies during the games.

Coach Lavina was full of praise for them after the first session. “Unlike other students I have coached, who would usually dodge the ball in the first session, the students here run for the ball and move as a team as if they have played this sport for some time. They are so talented and have high energy and potential. I am so excited to be coaching them!”

The round-robin team competitions had everyone cheering. Alif, a Primary 4 student, who scored a goal, exclaimed in excitement and confidence, “I scored a goal! It’s my first goal. I am going to be an expert one day!”

Many of the students discovered their interest in Floorball in just that first session. Since this is a new CCA in the school, they voiced positively of their wish to train hard and play the sport competitively. As Wu Shiying, a Primary 6 student, sums up, “It is my first time playing Floorball and I enjoyed it very much. Everyone is so happy; even though we are playing against one another, we smiled and laughed together after that. This will be a good team to represent the school for Floorball competitions and together we can make the school proud.”



Floorball CCA photo_updated22Jan

Annular solar eclipse: Giving time to wonder


The School Management Committee set aside time on 26 Dec to witness the “greatest astronomical event in Singapore” at the National Junior College. Like curious children, we had many questions. What causes a solar eclipse? What is the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse? How does a pinhole camera work?

We stood in the field from 12.30pm, waiting in great anticipation for the “Ring of Fire” which would appear at 1.22pm. The weather was particularly kind to us that day, and there was even a light breeze.

Mrs Jenny Quek, Head of Department for Science, was thrilled by the whole experience. “People from all over Singapore came together for the same purpose. We tried to capture the phenomenon using different media – our solar viewing glasses, our mobile phones and the telescope.”

Mr Shang Thian Huat, Head of Department for PE and CCA, added, “Everyone was experiencing that sense of wonder together. Parents were enjoying the wonder with their children. We were happy to share our solar filters with other children and adults because we were all sharing the same amazing experience.”

What if we could create that same sense of wonder for our children in our schools?

“The experience engendered wonder and curiosity, and that kind of excitement rubs off each other,” said Mr Francis Foo. “We were self-directed in our learning. There is a lot of Science and Mathematics behind this to help us know that that the annular solar eclipse will take place at 1.22pm. The things that created the excitement today, we want to create for our children in school. We need to be excited ourselves so that our children can be excited in their learning.”

To our Blangah Rise children, you can look forward to many moments of wonder and excitement in your learning in 2020!

National Cyberwellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC)

National Cyberwellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC)


Congratulations to our Cyberwellness Ambassadors – Ban Xuan Yu, Jesslyn Tan, Nelly Neo, Kristelle Anne Brunidor Pingkian, Enoch Lin and Reeve Aw from Primary 4 Topaz for attaining the Silver Award at NCAC. They created a toolkit – a Snake and Ladder game, which aimed to share ideas and solutions on the topic of managing users’ well-being with mobile devices and screen time. They also shared their outreach plan with a panel of judges at Crescent Girls’ School and gave an Assembly Talk to their peers. In addition, they engaged their peers during recess through their Snake and Ladder game. Through their toolkit, students learnt Cyberwellness tips and how to make wiser decisions with their mobile devises. Well done to our Cyberwellness Ambassadors!