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Dear preschool parents, our Virtual School Tour is up and running. You may access it here and browse through the programmes our school has to offer. Furthermore, after completing the Virtual School Tour, answer all the questions in our online quiz correctly to stand a chance to win a copy of our Bicentennial Coffee Table Book!

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BRPS Debate Team Advances to Semifinals of Inter-School Competition

Our heartiest congratulations to the BRPS Debate Team who has done us mighty proud by defeating their opponents at the Quarterfinals to advance to the Semifinals of the Wits & Words 2021 Inter-school Debate Competition. In the nail-biting Quarterfinals, our debaters, Richie, Mikhael, Zhi Lin, Yi Kai, Michael and Chris, took on New Town Primary School for the motion "This House Believes Convenience Culture Causes More Harm Than Good". With a clear win, they will move on to the Semifinals of the competition on 28 April 2021. We wish them the very best! 

debate3 with yanxin

BRPS Debate Team advances to Quarterfinals at Inter-school competition

The BRPS debate team comprising Primary 5 students have advanced to the Quarterfinals of the Wits & Words 2021 Inter-school Debate Competition. The team of students comprising Primary 5 students, Richie, Choo Zhi Lin, Mikhael Chan, Liu Yi Kai, Michael Ratmeo, and Chris Ong beat South View Primary School, Yu Neng Primary School, and St. Joseph Institution Junior at the Preliminary Rounds to emerge one of the Top 8 schools of Division II. In the process, they debated on issues including to eSports, banning pet ownership, home-based learning and children social media influencers. The team will compete at the upcoming Quarterfinal round on 14 April 2021.

debate 2

Four Finalists from Scrabble Club @ BRPS emerged at the Online Inter-school Scrabble Competition

Virtual Scrabble trainings held during the COVID-19 pandemic looked very different indeed, but that did not deter our Scrabble Club @ BRPS from resuming their training online with their experienced coaches, and participating enthusiastically during the training sessions.

In November 2020, six of members of the Scrabble Club took part in the Online Inter-school Scrabble Competition organized by Mattel. Amongst them, four emerged as finalists, with Mikhael and Dusan coming in 1st and 2nd Runners-up respectively. Mikhael shared, “Although I won four rounds and lost one, I still managed to come in second in the competition so I am very proud of myself. Through the whole process, I learnt many strategies to win and to persevere especially when I met a strong opponent.”

Amongst the 32 players selected from various primary schools to play in the Final Round of the competition, our students performed remarkably well to achieve the following results:

Mikhael (4T – 2020) – 1st Runner-up

Dusan (6T – 2020) – 2nd Runner-up

Brandon (6T – 2020) – 4th Runner-up

Melody (4S – 2020) – 18th Position

Hannah and Aggie (P5 – 2020) – Participants

Well done to Scrabble Club @ BRPS! Their spirit of adaptability and perseverance through the training and competition inspires all of us.

Scrabble 1
Scrabble 2
Scrabble 3
Scrabble 4
Scrabble 5

PAT and OYEA Nomination

President’s Award for Teachers (PAT)

The President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) gives national recognition to the critical role teachers play in moulding the future of our nation.These teachers prepare students for life, as well as model commitment to continuous learning and enterprise. They inspire both their students and peers through their words and deeds. Click here for the PAT Nomination Form.

Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA)

The Outstanding Youth in Education Award gives national recognition to young teachers who are role models for the teaching profession. These educators motivate, challenge and inspire their students to realise their full potential. They personify deep passion for teaching, youthful idealism, energy and enthusiasm, and play a critical role in moulding the future of our nation. Click here for the OYEA Nomination Form.