The very first day of school for P1 & K1

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An excited buzz was in the air on the morning of 4 January 2021, as parents ushered their curious Primary 1 and K1 children to school. The questions each parents had were the same, but this year’s First Day of School was different. Instead of buddies and direct interaction with their children, parents experienced what a typical day in school was like with Safety Management Measures (SMM), with social distancing and small group sizes. Our parents had their temperatures taken, and observed their children gathered in the hall in a separate room, via a live feed.

Our parents also had the opportunity to go through a “Seven Habits” workshop to learn more about how the primary school embraces Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Happy Kids for personal and inter-personal effectiveness in our curriculum. Ms Gala, parent of Riaan (1 Sapphire), had rave reviews about the workshop. She shared, “The seven habits programme that the school is implementing is quite impressive. Over the years, I hope that as parents, we would also grow to be good partners in reinforcing the same habits at home.”

Parents also toured the primary school to learn about the facilities the school had to offer. At the end of the tour, our parents penned a note of encouragement to their children, and expressed how proud they were of their child, who is starting on a new phase in their education journey. Mrs Ng, parent of Alycia (1 Opal), shared, “I got to know the school campus better, and I feel assured to know that my daughter is in the good hands of caring teachers.”

Back in the classroom, the children also had a taste of what a full day of school was like. They spent the school day with their form teachers, who engaged them in counting games and setting basic routines such as handwashing and temperature taking. The students listened intently and participated in the activities conducted by their form teachers. Peckish from the morning activities, they enthusiastically ate their catered meals from SATS. Hongyi (1Opal) was particularly excited about his meatball macaroni. He exclaimed “It’s so delicious, I can’t believe it! It smells so good and tastes just like hamburger meatballs!”

Similarly, K1 MK children had an exciting start. Parents sat in a separate classroom and observed their students via a live zoom feed, and they were excited to see their children settling into a new learning environment and curiously exploring their new class. Our K1 teachers read the children a story about the first day of school to allay their fears and the children had a simple snack of cornflakes and milk. Sanjay & Vetrivel from K1 Love exclaimed, “I like Teacher Candice because she helps me with things!”

Our MK teachers also introduced the focus of the MOE Curriculum and the outcomes and objectives of preschool education to the parents. The partnership formed with parents at the onset will go a long way in developing the children to be happy and confident learners.

With strong parental support, and caring teachers who look out for them, our Primary 1 and K1 students are ready to take on the challenge of a new phase in learning.


BRLC Celebrates!

This year, we had our first ever online Speech and Prize Giving event – BRLC Celebrates! To honour the spirit of celebration at a more personal level, we brought the celebration to MOE Kindergarten, Junior, Middle and Senior Primaries respectively over 3 days. Parents of prize winners were also invited to participate in this online event to celebrate with their child. Please go to /brlc-celebrates/ to view the programme.

Over the 3 days, we celebrated the students’ learning in their daily school experience as well as their milestone achievements.

“Today marks the end of the school Term and is also a significant milestone for our K2 children who have completed their preschool education. As they move on to Primary 1, we know that we have done our best to give them a strong start and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.” – Miss Candice Ee, K2 Teacher

“I was really excited during the prize giving in class. We clapped for our friends who were prize winners and we celebrated as a class.” – Vo Catherine Tu, P2

“I was very happy to see my photos being shared during BRLC Celebrates! I have some other nicer photos which I hope can be shared too.” – Selena Tanzil, P3, Media Kids CCA

“I enjoyed the video that reflected what we did this year, before the onset of COVID-19 and thereafter. I also appreciated the drama and dance performances put up by our P5 and P6 students.” – Nguyen Minh Dat, P4

There was no better way than to end the school year with such a big celebration. We congratulate all our children, from K1 to P6, for your resilience and positivity in this challenging year. We wish our children a happy school holiday!




Senior Primary: Level Bonding Day

This year, our Level Bonding Day takes place very differently from previous years. With COVID 19, many activities have to be carried out innovatively to achieve their objectives. However, this does not deter us from having fun together! With the safety management measures in place, all of us had fun together even when we are 1 m apart!

*Disclaimer: pupils were not wearing masks as they were doing physical activities


Educational Career Guidance (ECG) Talk with Ms Thilaga Govindasamy

“Everything can be difficult. The work of a physiotherapist is difficult, just like how teaching can be hard for your teachers and studying can be hard for you. But I am a very determined person. We can learn to enjoy what we do.”

On 23 Sep, we had the privilege of having Ms Thilaga Govindasamy to share with our Primary 5 students her journey as a physiotherapist. Ms Thilaga has been practising physiotherapy for 28 years. The patients she has treated range from a newborn baby who was less than 1 hour old and her oldest patient who was 106 years old.

In sharing her journey, Ms Thilaga inspired us with her life example and words of encouragement. She shared how she persevered in her work and purposed to help others.

“I remember the first child I worked with. He was five years old and he hadn't walked. Within six months of working with him, he started walking. I was jumping and crying tears of joy. I realised that I can actually help improve the quality of people's lives!”

Despite being a successful professional, she was still open to new learning.

“I have many patients who are determined to get well and they teach me never to give up. They help me to improve in my practice and try new techniques, even after 28 years.”

Thank you, Ms Thilaga, for inspiring us to live a purpose driven life of serving, learning and growing.

Ms Thilaga

Every Child a Seed

The Primary 5 students participated in the “Every child a seed Programme” organised by NParks in the month of September. By growing their own plants, they learnt to understand and appreciate the challenges that come with gardening and growing their own plants. Not only did they experience the joy of seeing their plants grow, they also displayed the virtues of care, responsibility and resilience.

We are proud that Castaneda Rinely Mae Dauz from 5 Opal has won the 6th Best Decorated pot among all the submitted entries. Mae has a keen interest in drawing and music. For her decorated pot, she drew inspiration from her favourite things such as sunflowers and eggplants to create a visual representation of everyday life. She learnt her style of drawing and illustration from watching Pop Art videos on YouTube.

In her interview with NParks, Mae shared that she was initially disheartened when her seeds did not grow, but was delighted when her first seedling appeared two weeks later.

Well done, Mae!

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Picture 2
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MK@Blangah Rise K2 Transition Programme

“How many classrooms does the primary school have?

“What kind of CCAs are there?”

“How many subjects do we have to learn?”

These are some questions about primary school life that our curious K2 children posed to our Principal, Mr Francis Foo, and Vice-Principals, Mrs Leong-Ho Hil May and Mrs Liu-Ong Ai Sian. Our school leaders answered every question posed to them patiently. The Zoom interview session took place as part of the K2 Transition Programme that aims to ease and smoothen our K2 children’s transition to primary school.

Our K2 children also toured the primary school together with our Year Head for Junior Primary, Mdm Kimberly Koh. They were awed by the different classrooms, special rooms and spaces such as the Blooming Garden, basketball court, library, Science Labs and Art Rooms. “The Science room is beautiful!” commented Akarsh.

For three different days, our children went to the canteen to practise counting money to buy snacks, fruit cups and drinks. As SATS Catering provides recess meals for Blangah Rise Primary School students, our K2 children had the unique opportunity to order a snack from SATS catering and learn to use their SATS card to collect their purchase. Mikaela said without hesitation, “I like my Tangy Chicken Bar. I can eat one thousand of these!”

The children also had a taste of English, Music, P.E. and Art lessons in primary school which they attended together with their Primary 1 friends via Zoom. They listened intently and participated in the activities conducted by the primary school teachers, which showed their readiness to transit to learning in primary school.

All these experiences were documented in the children’s Transition Journal which allowed them to reflect on and capture precious moments of their transition experience. Thaddeus summarised, “I am excited to go to Primary 1. The classrooms are about the same size as my kindergarten class. I like the canteen because the food there is good. There are also different rooms in the school.”

We believe that our children will have fond memories of this period in MK and be ready for the next phase of their learning journey in primary school.

Buying food from the canteen
Music lesson with Primary 1 friends
Interview with Mr Foo
Thaddeus writing in his Transition Journal
Tour of the primary school

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) 2020

The MSEA is an MOE-wide award that recognises MOE staff who are passionate in their service delivery, consistently serve internal and external customers with C.A.R.E (Collaborate, Anticipate, Reach out, Empathise) and inspire their colleagues to do likewise. Our heartiest congratulations to the following staff:

Platinum – Ms Maddie Wong

Gold – Ms Liu Cuixian, Mr Chua Kah Hern

Silver – Ms Sophia Goh, Ms Magdalene Ho, Ms Judy Kong, Ms Munirah Binte Talat Mahmood, Ms Nelita Binte Kadmadi, Ms Eileen Puah, Mdm Stephanie Song, Ms Usha Rani


“Our School, Our Stories” (OSOS) Photo Contest 2020

Congratulations to Wunna and Yu Hong who have won the Honourable Mention for their entry “We Love Bentos!” in “Our School, Our Stories” (OSOS) photo contest 2020! Their photo story was based on the theme “Priceless Moments” which captured the experiences of our Primary 1 students enjoying their recess bentos and even creating their own healthy and tasty bentos. You may view the photos at the roving OSOS exhibition (nearest location: 23 Jalan Membina, near Tiong Bahru MRT Station, from 13 Nov to 3 Dec 2020).

We Love Bentos 3 with caption

Children’s Day Celebration BRLC with Tanglin Trust School

Our partnership with Tanglin Trust School continues in spite of Covid-19. Unlike last year, where our friends from Tanglin Trust School visited us physically to celebrate Children’s Day together, this year, on 2 October, our kindergarten children connected with our friends from Tanglin Trust School virtually.

Photos and videos were compiled and exchanged for the children to see each other’s learning campus, the unique learning spaces and activities. Our children noticed the similarities and differences in our campuses. Our K2 child, Emma, noticed the details and exclaimed, “There is a hopscotch there in the Learning Centre!”

Our MK children shared a pre-recorded dance performance “On My Way”. Tanglin Trust School, which celebrates their 95th anniversary this year, also shared what “Connecting with your Community” means to them: “Give (time to others), Be Active (exercise), Keep Learning, Take Notice (of the things that surround you) and Connect (spend time with family and friends)”. Ms Paula Craige, Head of Infant School, read the story “No matter who you are, you’re always welcome” to teach the children about what community means.

Ms Angela Dawson, Deputy Head Teacher, wished our children “Happy Children’s Day”. She asked the children, “If your parents let you make all the decisions for one day, what would you do?” Ella said, “I would eat a lot of ice cream!” Rory added, “I will play games the whole day!”

We started a Pen Pal project, where each MK class was paired with another class in Tanglin Trust School. Our children wrote to their new friends and had many questions for them – What do you play at the playground? What is the tent in the corner used for? Why do you have plants in your classroom? Why type of food do you eat for lunch in school? Our teachers then emailed the questions to the Tanglin Trust School teachers. We also packed a few traditional local games, including five stones, chapteh and kuti kuti, to send to our pen pals.

What an exciting start to our BRLC-TTS Pen Pal friendship! We hope our children and teachers will continue to grow our friendship and learn from each other.


Children’s Day 2020

“You are loved, treasured and you represent our hopes and dreams. We celebrate your positivity and how well you have coped in order to keep learning safely during this COVID-19 period.”

This was taken from this year’s Children’s Day message by Ms Sun Xue Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development. Indeed, we celebrate our children this year because despite the challenges faced this year, our children have overcome the odds and risen above the pandemic.

Amelia, our Primary 3 student, received a special mention in the Children’s Day message which was read out in primary schools. Before COVID-19, Amelia was not required to help with household chores and naturally did not know how to. However, during HBL, when she saw her mother, Mdm Parveen, busy with housework, Amelia offered to help. Amelia excitedly went on learning how to bake her favourite desserts such as vanilla cupcakes, egg pudding and banana walnut cake. She also had time to read up more about animals and was able to share about megalodon, an extinct species of shark, with her mother. Click here to read the full story on Schoolbag.

Our teachers and parents put up a special online concert which was filled with exciting games and memorable performances for our children. From the special magic show by our Kindergarten teachers to a very touching song dedication by our primary school teachers, as well as 16 dads from the Parent Support Group making their musical debut, our children enjoyed themselves thoroughly and we could hear the classrooms filled with hearty laughter.

The children also displayed resilience as they picked up a new skills through interesting activities such as puppet making, building a bristlebot and balloon sculpturing. Our parents also challenged our children to virtual games such as bottle flipping. No prizes for guessing who won!

Thank you, children, for bringing much joy and sunshine into our lives!

“Every child is a different kind of flower and altogether make this world a beautiful garden.” - Anonymous