Drama Programme: Diversity Our Strength

Primary 3 Blangahnites who took part in the drama programme last semester reached out to 4 neighbouring childcare and student care centres last week. While the message of this year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day ‘Diversity Our Strength’ was shared, they brought joy and laughter to the students from the different centres. Through the story…

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Principal’s January Letter 2018

2 January 2018 Dear Parents/Guardians, Let me start off by wishing you all a Happy New Year! I have been with the education service for the past 31 years and have gone through the different rungs of the service as an educator. I have served in a JC, at MOE HQ, 2 secondary schools and…

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Principal’s November Letter 2017

8 November 2017 Dear Parents/Guardians, Of all the letters I have written to you, this would be one of the most difficult. It is time to say goodbye. As with all partings, the most difficult part is to say goodbye to the students and colleagues whom I have shared this wonderful journey in the last…

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