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Student Management

"The man who moves a mountain must start by moving small stones."

-Chinese Proverb-


A self-disciplined student who is a confident learner and caring leader.


To develop a whole-school approach towards student management in order to nurture and inspire students who are confident learners and caring leaders.

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Student Well-Being


We support the development of students’ social and emotional skills as well as those with learning and behavioural needs through multi-pronged programmes. These ensure that our students stay healthy and positive and are competent and confident to achieve success in school. 



As part of the First Days of School Programme, students go through a curated set of activities to build relationships in the classrooms, as well as to set goals and expectations. One of the activities is the “Good Words Campaign” which advocates the use of good and kind words with one another.

To be more purposeful in their planning of activities beyond school hours, students are mentored by their teachers to plan a schedule that not only consists of homework & revision, but one that also champions a good practice of self-care.


Having a growth mindset requires one to think positively and calmly. Through the “Healthy Minds, Healthy Blangahnites” initiative, students are taught ways to calm themselves better and manage their stress more effectively. The image on the left is a screengrab from one of the videos that was shared with students.

Leader in Us! – A Peer Support & Relationships (PSR) Programme

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Leveraging on Blangah Rise’s distinctive Leader in Me programme, we further enhance students’ application of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids for personal and inter-personal effectiveness through the implementation of the Leader in Us Programme. 

Students contribute to the caring and positive peer culture in school when they look out for one another, provide support to their peers in need and build positive relationships with one another. 

To better narrate the stories and excerpts pertaining to Peer Support in Blangah Rise, five characters have been created to represent our students. Students are able to relate to these characters and learn about peer support in concrete ways. 

Collectively, these five characters are known as The Fabulous Five. Together, The Fabulous Five will embark on a meaningful journey with the students as they equip themselves with useful skills and knowledge to support their peers better!  .


Friends of The Month (FoTM) Initiative

Affirmation of students by students is a key feature of the Friends of The Month initiative. Every month, students will nominate their peers for the kind acts the latter have sincerely carried out. This initiative recognises and affirms students who display good social skills and/or virtues in their relationship with their peers. 

Good stories are also collated to inspire our students to learn from these exemplary behaviours. Past FoTM winners include the following students:

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Student Leadership

In Blangah Rise Primary School, there are many opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills. Within the classrooms, students are appointed to be a part of their class committee. Furthermore, for students who have consistently demonstrated exemplary behaviour and practise virtues through their actions and words, they can serve the school and community through roles such as the Prefects, House Leaders and Peer Support Leaders.

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School activities led by student-leaders

EAS Day – The annual event acknowledges, affirms and appreciates the work and support of the school’s non-teaching staff. Facilitated by the teachers, the prefects plan and execute various activities to make this day a meaningful one for the school’s non-teaching staff.

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Storytelling Sessions at library@harbourfront and Singapore Botanical Gardens – Blangah Rise’s self-written storybook came alive when a group of student-leaders and teachers narrated the book to members of the public. Read the full story via the following here and here.

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The Green Snapshots – A Nature & Heritage Trail

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TGS finally makes its return after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this year’s edition, student-docents will bring participants on a learning journey around Telok Blangah and Berlayer Creek.  

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The award-winning trail is built on the school’s Learning for Life (LLP) programme, which weaves nature into the curriculum and provides experiential learning activities for our students. Originally, It was a learning journey that shared the rich nature and heritage of Telok Blangah and Mount Faber. 

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