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Our Identity

Vision, Mission & Thrust

Our Vision

A joyful school of confident learners and caring leaders.

Our Mission

Nurturing Every Child Holistically.

School Emblem

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School Song

We are steadfast in our aim
We shall rise above the others is our claim
We trust in our dream
United as a team!
United as a team!

Blangah RiseBlangah Rise
We sing it with one heart, together
We shall strive, we shall rise!
Steadfast and glorious forever!

We are loyal in our quest
And with passion we shall learn to be our best!
This school is our choice
Proclaim it with one voice!
Proclaim it with one voice!

School Motto


Upholding at all times, whether one is under pressure or experiencing adversity, a firm and unchanging principle.

School Values

We are steadfast with the following values:



‘RISE’ Values unpacked into behavioural terms


R1: Taking pride in your appearance, behaviour and work

R2: Treating others in the way you want to be treated

R3: Being clear and courteous in speech and behaviour

R4: Appreciating differences

R5: Having national pride



I1: Being honest at all times

I2: Keeping your word/promise

I3: Admitting your mistakes and learning from them

I4: Taking credit only for work that is yours and giving credit where due

I5: Using sound moral values to guide your thoughts and actions



S1: Being responsible and reliable

S2: Be focused and doing your best

S3: Taking responsibility for your own learning

S4: Be on time and practising good time management

S5: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and proper diet

S6: Being creative and resourceful

S7: Recovering from setbacks and persevering

S8: Using technology responsibly



E1: Putting yourself ‘in the shoes of others’ and feeling for them

E2: Extending a helping hand to those in need

E3: Being kind to people, animals and the environment

E4: Be involved in community improvement