Principal's January Letter 2015

8 January 2015


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Happy New Year! May the New Year be filled with peace, abundant joy and great health!


We have achieved much in 2014 from achieving awards in sports and aesthetics to the outstanding PSLE results. Our teachers have also been recognised for their teaching and inspiration with one of our teachers winning the Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Award.


All these we could not have done it without the teachers’ hard work and your unstinting support! I would like to thank all my staff for putting in extraordinary work and your support and continued confidence in us! We will continue to rise and be a school that develop joyful, confident and caring students!


For our new parents who joined the BRPS family, a warm welcome to you! We hope that your child’s journey with us will be an enriching one, filled with joy, learning and love. I write a letter to parents every two months to share our plans, our joys and as a community we support each other. The previous letters can be found at the school website: /.


Upcoming School Events


Breakfast Together

In order to build stronger bonds between parents and the school, we will continue our get together session where parents and I get to chat over breakfast from 7.35am in school. From the sessions we would like to gather feedback and update you on the changes within the school. We will start off with the Senior (P5 & P6) and Middle (P3 & P4) levels in January and the Junior levels (P1 & P2) will be in March.


Commemoration of Total Defence Day (TDD) 2015

Schools commemorate Total Defence Day on 15 February. It marks the British surrender of Singapore to the Japanese during World War 2. This annual event reminds us that the task of nation-building is not easy, and that we must work to preserve our present prosperity and stability.


A variety of activities have been lined up for our school’s Total Defence week from 9–13 February. One of the highlights is ‘Porridge and Potato Day’ where students are encouraged to purchase and sample foods that the older generation had consumed during the difficult times. This will be carried out during their recess times on Friday 13 February.


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls on 19 and 20 February this year. Hence the celebrations will be held on18 February and we encourage students to come in their Chinese ethnic clothes on that day.School will function till 10am. School books will not be needed and the canteen will be closed.


Prefects’ Investiture 2015

The Prefect’s Investiture gives us the opportunity to recognise our student leaders in BRPS. It is a solemn and important ceremony that serves as a milestone for incoming Priamry Four Prefects as they progress towards greater leadership responsibilities.


This year, the ceremony will be held on 23 February from 8.15 to 9.00am in the School Hall. Invitations to parents/guardians of appointed Prefects will be issued at a later date.


The calendar for January and February is as follows:

Date Event
15 January Breakfast TogetherSenior School (Primary 5 & 6)
16 January Breakfast TogetherMiddle School (Primary 3 & 4)
23 February  Prefects Investiture 2015




BRPS has four strategic thrusts that guide us in our decision-making and allocation of resources in order for us to achieve our vision. The four strategic thrusts are:


  1. Competent and caring staff
  2. Developing confident learners
  3. Developing caring leaders
  4. Effective Partnerships


Each thrust has systems and processes for us to build upon to achieve outcomes that we monitor and improve on. The letter is organised in such a way to highlight some of the efforts in these thrusts.


Strategic Thrust One: Competent and Caring Staff


Introduction of Year Heads of Junior, Middle and Senior Schools

In order to address the needs of the students and ensure that the general school policy and programme cater to level needs, we have Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads to lead the Junior, Middle and Senior Levels. They will be assisted by the Level Coordinators. The Year Heads and Level Coordinators for the various levels are as follows:


Junior Levels (P1 & 2) Year Head – Ms Lee Sok Lai (LH for English Language)Assistant Year Head – Ms Munirah, Mr John Chia  (SH PAL)

Level Coordinators

Primary 1 – Mdm Justina Yim

Primary 2 – Mrs Janice Tho

Middle Levels(P3 & 4) Year Head–Mrs Teresa Tay (HOD ICT)Assistant Year Head– Mr Mohan (SH ICT)

Level Coordinators

Primary 3 – Mr Victor Lim

Primary 4 – Ms Usha Rani

Senior Levels(P5 & 6) Year Head – Mr Shang Thian Huat (HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics)Assistant Year Head – Mr Salim (SH Citizenship and Character Education)

Level Coordinators

Primary 5 – Mr Tan Junyuan

Primary 6 – Mr Lim Yong Ming


School Safety & Security Measures

School safety is of paramount importance especially when all parents have entrusted their children to the school. It is with sadness that we hear of school shooting incidents in other countries and we will definitely not want any of our children in BRPS harmed in any way. We have implemented a series of school and safety measures that we have discussed with parents since 2013. These arrangements for school arrival and dismissal is outlined in Annex A.


Strategic Thrust Two: Developing Confident Learners


Switching of CCA Timeslot on Fridays

Thank you for all the feedback on the Friday Time Slot and participating in our survey. Based on the outcome of the survey the majority of you have preferred that CCA be held in the afternoon instead of morning. After discussing with my colleagues, we have agreed to shift our CCAs on Fridays to be held in the afternoon. We will move the Form Teacher Guidance Period to the morning instead.


For Junior School, we will be conducting our Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for them during those time slots. As part of transition, the Primary One students will be given nap time after lunch on Fridays in Term 1.


Online Interactive E-Learning for Pupils through AsknLearn

As part of equipping our pupils with 21st century competencies, pupils will need to be familiar with the use of online resources to acquire knowledge, communicate and develop their creativity. BRPS has partnered with AsknLearn to provide such resources through rich multimedia and interactive lessons, starting from 08 January 2015 to 31 December 2015. More details on how to log in and use the system can be found in Annex B.


Strategic Thrust Three: Developing Caring Leaders


Being Absent from School

With the intention to give every child the same head start in life and be taught the foundational knowledge, missing school would sometimes mean having a gap in the learning and disadvantaging the child. Hence we would like to reiterate that the school takes a very serious view of children not coming to school without valid reason. We would like to remind all parents that when your child is absent from school, it is mandatory that you either provide a medical certificate or a letter from you explaining the reason for absence. If there are none of these, we will treat it as absence without valid reason and follow up action will be taken, which might include the reporting of such cases to the Compulsory Education Unit in MOE.


Other Matters


School Uniform

Our school uniform vendor, “My Uniform Shop”, has moved their premises to the following address:

209 New Upper Changi Road #03-651 S460209


It is located opposite Bedok MRT station, above Sheng Siong Supermarket.


They will be selling the school uniforms in school on alternate Mondays, 12 and 26 Jan. Our school bookshop will be selling the uniforms from February onwards.



As we start the New Year, I wish to share with you some thoughts about joyfulness. One key quality of a joyful person is the ability to appreciate. Here are some quotes to spark your thinking about appreciation:


“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

Oprah Winfrey


“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love—then make that day count!”

Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


“Dance. Smile. Giggle. Marvel. TRUST. HOPE. LOVE. WISH. BELIEVE. Most of all, enjoy every moment of the journey, and appreciate where you are at this moment instead of always focusing on how far you have to go.”

Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass


Have a wonderful year ahead!


Yours sincerely,

Matthew Ou




Annex A


Blangah Rise Primary School

Safety & Security Arrangements


During Dry Weather During Wet Weather
 Arrival Arrangements

Students can enter through the Main Gate and Side Gate E that is the sheltered walkway next to the school canteen. All other gates will be closed.


Parents/Guardians who wish to enter the school will need to enter by the Main Gate.


For those driving, please alight the child at the main gate or Side Gate E.


 Arrival Arrangements

Students can enter through the Main Gate and Side Gate E that is the sheltered walkway next to the school canteen. All other gates will be closed.


Parents/Guardians who wish to enter the school will need to enter by the Main Gate.


For those driving, you may enter the school and alight the child at the foyer. Please prepare your child to alight quickly and safely so as not to hold up the traffic.


Dismissal Arrangements 

Students can exit through the Main Gate and Side Gate E.


For those driving, you may pick your child at the main gate or Gate E.


Dismissal Arrangements 

Students can exit through the Main Gate and Side Gate E.


For those driving, there is a sheltered car park next to Blk 72 and you can fetch your child at the sheltered walkway fromSide Gate E.


 Other Arrangements


Lunch Arrangements 

Students who have lunch brought to them can receive the lunches at the Main Gate or Side Gate E.


Entrance for Parents/Guardians or Visitors 

Any parents/guardians or visitors who wish to enter the school would need to enter by theMain Gate where there will be security clearance and an issue of visitor passes.


Waiting Areas for Parents/Guardians 

The waiting area for parents/guardians is just outside the Main Gate. We have provided benches there so that all could wait more comfortably.


There is also another waiting area at the void deck of Blk 72 outside Side Gate E.



Annex B


Online Interactive E-Learning for Pupils through AsknLearn


The AsknLearn portal supports self-directed and inquiry-based learning styles, which will pique pupils’ interest to explore their subjects further. The communication tools available in the platform will engage pupils in collaborative learning through discussions to enhance their knowledge and gain their peers’ perspectives based on a topic.

Through AsknLearn, pupils will have access to Online Lessons, Communication Tools,ePortfolio and Mobile Learning. In addition, you will have the ability to track your child’s progress through the Progress Report of assessments done online. These reports clearly profile the skills that your child is strong or weak in.

As the portal will be integral to all aspects of your child’s learning, the cost of the portal will befully subsidised by the school.

We have made arrangements with AsknLearn for our students to access the portal to familiarize themselves with the interface. He/she can login to AsknLearn using a computer or mobile device.




Login ID: S1234567A (Birth Certificate number)

Password: S1234567A (Birth Certificate number)


Mobile Device:

  • Download ASKnLearn on App Store (IOS) or Playstore (Android)
  • Open ASKnLearn once downloaded
  • Select the following:
  1. Organisation: Blangah Rise Primary School
  2. Account: S1234567A (Birth Certificate number)
  3. Password: S1234567A (Birth Certificate number)

We look forward to your support for this e-learning initiative. We would also like to request for your assistance in monitoring your child while he/she is accessing the online contents for his/her self-paced learning and revision. With the support from school and home, we believe we can make e-learning a success in Blangah Rise Primary School.