Principal's July Letter 2015

7 July 2015


Dear Parents/Guardians,


As we begin Semester Two, there are many things we need to appreciate – the recent June break, fresh air and above all our friends and families!


I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Vice Principal (Admin), Ms Mary Goh as well as our HOD(English) Mrs Leong-Ho Hil May! Two teachers have also joined us as permanent staff  – Miss Joyce Chew and Miss Nor Azlin!


Welcome to the BRPS family!


BRPS Open House


Blangah Rise will be holding its third Open House on Saturday, 11 July 2015. Do come and see how your children have been learning and growing to become joyful, confident learners and caring leaders in Blangah Rise!


Educational booths will be set up to explain the interesting and exciting learning that takes place at each level in a student’s life in Blangah Rise.  A school tour with a special visit to classrooms will be arranged to experience ‘live’ lesson demonstrations by our very own teachers!


We look forward to your support and hope to see you at our Open House! More details of the program can be found on the response slip attached.


As we will be preparing some goodie bag, kindly indicate your support of attendance and the number of people attending by filling out the attached response form (ANNEX A) and returning via your child/ward.


  1. Upcoming School Events


The upcoming events for July to September are as follows:


Date (July) Event
10 Jul School dismissal at 1.30pm (No CCA)
11 Jul Open House 2015
17 Jul Public Holiday (Hari Raya Puasa)
21 Jul Racial Harmony Day
25 Jul National Education Show for P5 pupils
21 Jul – 29 Jul School Annual Pupil Health Check
27 Jul School Holiday (Youth Day)



Date (August) Event
6 Aug National Day CelebrationsStudents will be dismissed at 10am.
 7-10 Aug Public Holidays (National Day)
20-21 Aug PSLE Oral Examination for P6School Holiday for P1 to P5 students


Examination Schedule For Primary Six Students

Date Event
29 Jul P6 Prelim  EL / FEL & MT Paper 1
3 & 4 Aug P6 Prelim Oral Day 1 & Day 2
13 Aug P6 Prelim Listening Comprehension (after sch)
18 Aug P6 Prelim  EL / FEL Paper 2
20 & 21 Aug PSLE Oral Day 1 & Day 2 for P6 pupils
24 Aug P6 Prelim  Math / FMath
25 Aug P6 Prelim  MT / FMT Paper 2
26 Aug P6 Prelim  Sc / FSc
27 Aug P6 Prelim  Higher MT Paper 1 & 2


No CCA on 10 July


In preparation for Open House, there will be no CCA on 10 July and school will be dismissed at1.30pm.


If your child goes home by taking the school bus, the school has informed the bus company to pick your child at 1.30 pm. Otherwise, please make the necessary arrangements for your child’s transport home.


Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations Arrangements


17 July is Hari Raya Puasa. On the eve of Hari Raya Puasa i.e. 16 July, some Muslim families may wish their children to return home early to help them in the preparation of this festive event. Thus if you would like your child to have an early release at 10.30am, please take note of the following:


  • Picking your child from school. If you are picking your child from school, please be in school by 10.30am to receive your child. You may authorise another person to take your child home.
  • Letting your child go home on his own. If you intend to let your child go home on his own please indicate it in the option form attached (Annex B). The form teachers will only release students on their own with this form.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslim families Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!


Racial Harmony Day


Racial Harmony Day on 21st July is a day for us to reflect on, and celebrate Singapore’s efforts to achieve a racially harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage. We have exciting programmes lined up for our students and we would encourage our students to dress in their traditional costumes such as the cheongsam and baju kurung on the 21st July. Please note that we do not allow high heel shoes as it pose safety issues to our students.


School celebrations National Day


In August, Singapore turns 50, an important milestone as a nation. It is a time to remember the journey we have travelled so far and the pioneer groups who have sacrificed and with their hard work built up a nation. Let us celebrate this milestone as one people!


Our school will hold the 50th National Day celebrations on Thursday, 6 August 2015. In support of this event, pupils are encouraged to come attired in a combination of red and white.


Please take note of the following changes in timing and transport arrangement for that day –

  • Pupils are to report to school at the usual time i.e. 7:35 am and will be dismissed at 10 am.
  • If your child is not taking school transport, please make arrangement to fetch your child at 10 am. The bus operators have been informed of this change in timing.
  • The school canteen will be opened till 10.30am.


7-10 August will be public holidays. Pupils are to report to school on Tuesday, 11 August.


PSLE Oral Examinations


The P6 students will be having their PSLE Oral Examinations on the 20 and 21 August. To facilitate the examination, the two days will be school holidays for P1 to P5 students.


  1. In conclusion


I am thankful for the hard work that many of my colleagues put in and the support of our parents. Many parents have come forward to thank the school for going the extra mile. It is a great encouragement for us. We need many helping hands to do the work we do.


We will continue to strive to make a difference for each child in BRPS. Do continue to give us your support and when others ask you about BRPS, tell them the good work that you have seen and experienced for yourself!


Yours sincerely,


Matthew Ou




BRPS Open House 2015


Join us at BRPS Open House to see how your children learn and grow to become confident learners and caring leaders!


Date: 11th July 2015

Time: 8.45am

Venue: BRPS School Hall


Programme for the day:


Saturday, 11 July 2015
Time Activity
8. 45am Registration
9am Principal’s AddressVideoPerformance (Chinese Dance and Dance Club)
9.20am Tour to ISH  and Lesson Demo
9.45am Lesson Demo
10am Exhibition and Interactive Booths
12nn End of Open House




Response Slip

BRPS Open House 2015


For parents attending the Open House,

please return this slip to your child’s form teacher by 9 July 2015.



Name of Child: ________________________________      Class: ___________________________


Name of Parent/Guardian: ____________________________________



The number of people attending the event:







(For Muslim pupils only)


Option for Early Release on Hari Raya Puasa Eve on 16 Jul 2014


Please tick one of the options below and return to the form teacher by 13 Jul.


I will be receiving my child myself or by an authorised person at 10.30am


I allow my child to be dismissed at 10.30am on his/her own.


I would like my child to be dismissed at the usual time at 1.30pm



Name of Pupil: ______________________________________________


Class: _______________________


Name of Parent/Guardian:_____________________________________


Signature of Parent/Guardian:_____________________________


Parents/Guardian Contact Number: _________________________