Principal's May Letter 2014

7 May 2014


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Thank you for supporting us in many of the sporting competitions and performances our children have been involved in over the past two months. If you have followed the updates on our website you would have noticed our students have done well achieving the following:


Sepak Takraw

South Zone Champion for Senior Division

South Zone Fourth for Junior Division


Chinese Dance

Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Accomplishment (Silver)


Modern Dance

Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Accomplishment (Silver)


This is the first time our Modern Dance team took part in the Singapore Youth Festival and we are proud of their accomplishment together with our Chinese Dance and Sepak Takraw team! Well done all!


The awards are an important recognition of the efforts the students and teachers have invested. The time and energy are enormous but we hope that the students have gained from the experience and develop in them important character traits such as perseverance, confidence and more importantly teamwork!


Thank you parents for your support, encouragement and feedback as we journey towards developing joyful, confident and caring learners and leaders!


A. Upcoming School Events


The upcoming events for this month are as follows:



9 and 16 May

Examination on Fridays.

School ends at 1.30pm

13 May

Vesak Day (Public Holiday)

28 May

Results Processing Day cum

E-Learning Day (No School)

30 May

Meet the Parents Session

School ends at 1.30pm


i. Examination Schedule


As the examination (Mother Tongue Paper 2) falls on a Friday on 9 May and Science paper on16 May, school will end at 1.30pm on both days instead.


If your child goes home by taking the school bus, the school has informed the bus company to pick your child at 1.30 pm. Otherwise, please make the necessary arrangements for your child’s transport home.


ii. Results Processing Day cum Home Based Learning


The school will be holding our home-based learning for e-learning day for P1 to P6 pupils on 28 May. Therefore, pupils need not attend school but will engage in self-directed learning by researching and reviewing concepts learnt for the semester. Your child will also have the opportunity to exploit ICT effectively through the online activities.


A home-based learning task list reflecting the work to be done for the day will be given to your child for reference. The task list can also be found on our school website at .


iii. Meet the Parents Session


The school will be conducting the annual Meet the Parents Session on 30 May from 2pm to 5pm. School will end at 1.30pm on that day.


Parent-teacher Conference

In order to make the Parent-teacher conference an effective one and to avoid long waits, the meeting with teachers can take place via Platform A or Platform B:


Platform A: Appointment to meet with the teachers will be recommended by the form/subject teachers. At this platform, SA1 Exam Papers and Report Books will be given out when parents meet with the teachers on that day.


Should you be available to meet your child/wards teacher on another day, please feel free to contact the teacher concerned to arrange for a meeting. To ensure convenience for all parents/guardians who may be taking time off their busy schedules, do book your appointment early and keep to the time allocated. Your kind understanding is much appreciated. The school will contact you to confirm your appointment.


Platform B: Teachers will communicate feedback of their child/ward via a tele-conference. At this platform, SA1 Exam Papers and Report Books will be given out to the pupils to bring home on their own.


Primary 4 Parents: Parents/guardians of Primary 4 pupils will be able to meet the teachers after the Subject Based Banding briefing that will be held from 2pm to 3pm. A separate letter will be issued to the parents/guardians of Primary 4 pupils.


Please fill in the Reply Slip attached to indicate your attendance.


iv. Primary 6 Extra Classes


There will be extra classes during the June holidays for Primary 6 students from 2-4 June from 8am to 12.30pm. For the other levels it will depend on the needs of the pupils and a separate letter will be issued to inform you of the extra classes.


v. Informing School of Child’s Travel Plans


In order to ensure the health of our community is protected, we will be grateful if you could inform us of your travel plans out of the country using the attached form.


B. Reflections


As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to honour and salute all mothers who have made a difference in our lives! Here is a meaningful little poem found in a greeting card that captures the many things that mothers do:


What is Mother’s Day?

It’s celebrating motherhood

and what it means

to be the one who is

the very heart of home and family…


It’s celebrating

all the love so often unexpressed

And finding special words and ways

that help to say it best…


It’s celebrating

Everything that loving mothers do –

The cherished and remembered things

that last a lifetime through.


This day was meant for a woman like you

Happy Mother’s Day!


Yours sincerely,

Matthew Ou