Principal's May Letter 2015

13 May 2015


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Time has passed by very quickly as we come towards the end of Semester 1!


As we celebrate SG50, we have many things to thank about from the clean and green environment to the stable and vibrant society we have today. We are also thankful for our children learning and growing as we see them gaining confidence in many things they do – from being budding entrepreneurs to wonderful dancers and toys inventors. We are indeed thankful for these outcomes and your support, encouragement and feedback as we journey towards our vision of a ‘joyful school of confident learners and caring leaders’!


Blangah Rise Primary has the privilege of hosting a SG50 special trail open to the public. The Green Snapshots Nature & Heritage Trail is designed for participants to appreciate the rich and green heritage of Telok Blangah Hill Park and the Southern Ridges. Minister Lim Hng Kiang will officially launch this trail on 30 May.


We would like to invite all parents to participate in our guided tours by our pupil-docents on 25 July, 8 August and 29 August 2015.  Parents can register online via the school website after 4 June 2015.


  1. Upcoming School Events


The upcoming events for this month are as follows:


Date Event
15 May Examination on Fridays.School ends at 1.30pm
29 May Meet the Parents SessionThere will be no school for students.


  1. Examination Schedule


As the examination (Science Paper) falls on a Friday on 15 May, school will end at 1.30pm instead as per our usual practice.


If your child goes home by taking the school bus, the school has informed the bus company to pick your child at 1.30 pm. Otherwise, please make the necessary arrangements for your child’s transport home.


  1. Meet the Parents Session


The school will be conducting the annual Meet the Parents Session on 29 May 2015, from 8am to 3pm. The respective teachers will indicate to your child the platforms as well as the time to meet or have tele-conversation. Pupils need not report to school on that day.


The venues for the MTP will be as follows:


Levels Venue
Primary 4 Hall
Other Levels Respective classrooms of your child





All parents are welcome to the talk on “Positive Parenting” on how to encourage and affirm your child positively and effectively.


Primary 4 parents could attend ONE of either Session 1 or 2 on Subject Based Banding as shown in the table below. A separate letter will be issued to the parents/guardians of Primary 4 pupils.


The schedule is as follows:


Time Activity Remarks Venue
9.30am to 10am Session 1Primary 4 Subject Based Banding Talk Primary 4 Parents and Form Teachers Hall
11.30am to 1pm Parenting Talk by Family Matters: Positive Parenting All parents welcome Hall
2.30pm to 3pm Session 2 (Repeat of Session 1)
Primary 4 Subject Based Banding Talk
All Primary 4 Parents and Form Teachers Hall


Parent-teacher Conference


The teachers will communicate your child/ward’s progress in either one of the following ways:


Platform A 



– Report Book given out on 27 May and to be returned on 28 May.


Platform B 

Face to face meeting



– Report Book given out returned on 29 May.


– Appointment to meet with the teachers will be recommended by the form teacher.


Should you be available to meet your child/wards teacher on another day, please feel free to contact the teacher concerned to arrange for a meeting. To ensure convenience for all parents/guardians who may be taking time off their busy schedules, do keep to the time allocated.

The school will contact you to confirm your appointment.


Please fill in the Reply Slip attached (ANNEX A) to indicate your attendance.



iii. Informing School of Child’s Travel Plans


In order to ensure the health of our community is protected, we will be grateful if you could inform us of your travel plans out of the country using the attached form (ANNEX B).



  1. Reflections


Dr. Anthony P. Witham once said “children spell love…T-I-M-E.”. Spending quality time with children is important for their development and happiness. Unfortunately if you are like most parents, time is very precious and tends to slip us while we wish we could have more. If we do not spend enough time with our children, does it mean we don’t love them? Of course not.


Here are three tips that could make a difference when you are pressed for time:


  1. Phantom Time: Some days may get so tough that you hardly even have time to have a long conversation with your children. You can still let them know you care. Write notes and drop them onto your children’s bag or somewhere they will read. This was one of the top ten things that children found to help them feel loved and cared for by their parents. Other ideas would be to record a short video for them using a camera and leaving it for them on the dining table. Just be creative!
  2. Break Time: Everyone is busy. So one way is to arrange with your child to have a ‘recess time’ at home. Everyone will know that it is time for ‘recess’ and will take a break together which could include grabbing a bite, or singing a favourite song together!
  3. Integrate Together Time into your schedule: Children love to help. Let them help when you are making dinner or with grocery shopping where you can share little snippets of your life experiences or even that secret recipe passed down by your grandmother!

More tips can be found at


Do have a fabulous time with your kids during this coming June break and much more through the years as they grow!



Yours sincerely,

Matthew Ou






BRPS Meet the Parents Session 2015


Please return this portion by 18 May 2015



Name of pupil: ________________________               Class: _____

Part 1


The teacher would like to: Name of teacher
Platform A 

Communicate with parents/guardians via telephone



Time:  ­_________________




Parents to indicate preferred time

for us to call you.

Platform B 

Communicate personally with the parents/guardians




Time slot:  ­_________________


Please come within the time slot given.

The teacher will see parents on a first come first served basis.


Part 2


Please read and select the options as stated below:


Yes No
I will be attending the Parents Teaching Meeting on29 May 2015.    
I will be attending the Positive Parenting Talk.




Part 3


In the event you do not get a slot of your choice, kindly leave your contact details:


Name of parent/guardian
Name of teacher(s) you wish to meet
Contact number of parent/ guardian











Please return this form to the school (Form Teacher) by Monday, 18 May 2015


Name of Child/ Ward: ___________________________________
NRIC / BC No: ___________________________________
Class: ___________________________________
Gender (please cirlce) F/ M



Country of intended travel Period of Stay
From To


Important Note:

  1. Where possible, please also provide details of country and date of transit if your child/ ward will be stopping over at any other country while travelling.
  2. For Primary 1 pupils: If your child/ward will not be travelling, please return the form with aNIL return.


Name of Parent/ Guardian: ___________________________


Signature: _______________________


Date: ____________________



For official use

Acknowledged by Teacher- in-Charge: ________________________________