We would like to thank Ms Indranee Rajah, Second Minister for Education for visiting our school.

Visiting various schools to get to know the educators and students better, as well as to gain deeper insights into the education issues.

Visited Blangah Rise Primary School on 17 July 2018.

Had a great dialogue with a group of students from pri 4-6. They were confident in expressing themselves, and were especially excited about their CCA. One wants to be a scientist when she grows up as her dad inculcated in her a love of science, another wants to be a teacher and yet another would like to be a nurse (her CCA is Red Cross). One young boy, Wei Yang had a number of suggestions for the Science Centre which I promised to pass on.

In my dialogue with the teachers, I was heartened by how passionate they are in their efforts to provide a conducive school environment and positive school experience for their students.

I would like to encourage the teachers to continue their sterling efforts in recognising the different strengths and talents of our students, and in bringing out the best potential in each child.

-Ms Indranee Rajah