Shandong Normal University

Shandong Normal University


Our school had the privilege to host students and teachers from No. 2 Middle School Attached to Shandong Normal University in China on 16 & 17 April 2019. Some of our P4 and P5 students were selected to be buddies to the students from the school. They attended lessons together, ate together during recess and took part in bonding activities. Through this meaningful and memorable cultural exchange over the two days, the students learnt many things from their new friends and had a deeper appreciation of one another’s cultures.


Here are some of our students’ reflections:

Students' Reflection

Yap Yu Lin 5 Sapphire

At the beginning, we were all very shy about interacting with the students from China. However after spending two days with them, I felt very happy and comfortable with them. When they left, I felt very sad. However, I am contented that I made a new friend during this cultural exchange programme.

Song Fu Chao 5 Sapphire

I learnt the importance of being a responsible buddy. For instance, when my buddy was eating, I should accompany him throughout and not leave him by himself while I go off and play.

Nathanael Riyo Chan 5 Sapphire

I learnt that we must be responsible and take good care of our friends from China. We must play together and include everyone so that none of them would feel left out.

Nicole Sim Bao Zhu 5 Sapphire

I learnt a lot from my buddy for the past two days. Time really flies. We were quite distant initially. However we soon forged a friendship. Though we only bonded for two days, I was very sad when my buddy Ruo Xi had to go off. I am happy to be given the opportunity to participate in this programme and hope I will have a chance to see her again.

Zhang Zexin 5 Sapphire

I had great fun with my buddy for the past two days. It was also a fruitful experience for me. When my buddy had to go, I felt sad. I promised her that I would keep in contact with her. I hope there will be more of such cultural exchange programmes in future.