Character & Citizenship Education

Blangahnites as joyful, caring and confident pupils
Blangahnites as joyful, caring and confident pupils


Blangahnites are joyful, caring and confident pupils.


To nurture the well-being of every pupil with holistic life skills.

Description of Programmes:

Character Education – Circle Time

Circle Time is a school-based values education programme led by teachers to inculcate values in our Blangahnites through the sharing and discussion of stories. Teachers and their pupils sit in a circle discussing the moral and value of the story, while relating their own personal experiences. Held fortnightly, Blangahnites of different levels are inculcated with our RISE values and Socio-emotional learning skills.

Character Education – GEM Award

In Blangah Rise, we treasure all pupils as precious gems. Through educational experiences, we hope to polish each Blangahnite to shine and be the best they can be and recognise the importance of rewarding them accordingly. The GEM Award affirms Blangahnites who understand and display our RISE values through their actions every day. The monthly GEM Class award acknowledges pupils who work cooperatively and exemplify the school values. The termly GEM Pupil award recognizes pupils from every class who model the RISE value for the term.

Character Education – RISE @ BRPS

In addition to the RISE values that Blangahnites experience, we impart the importance of gratitude, which is the act of being thankful through actions or words. RISE @ BRPS is a platform for pupils to write notes to express gratitude to those who have shown kindness to them or to highlight pupils who have displayed the RISE values.

Character Education – Connect Time

To ensure every Blangahnite feels at home, it is important to foster trusting relationships between teachers and pupils. Once a week, form and co-form teachers meet with pupils from their class personally to find out more about the pupil’s life, experiences and ambition. Through this face-to-face platform, pupils are free to share their thoughts, opinions and concerns with their teachers.

Character Education – Share-a-story

Stories are powerful lessons in themselves and thus this platform is used for our teachers to deliver stories with strong messages of our RISE values and desirable character traits weekly.

Character Education – GOTCHA!

‘GOTCHA! Caught you doing good’ platform was implemented to recognise students doing good deeds and exhibiting the RISE Values. Students are caught doing these deeds in their everyday actions and routines by their teachers. The acts are then featured and shared with the rest of the student population, encouraging them to do similar good deeds in their daily actions.

Citizenship Education – Commemoration of NE Events

Blangah Rise commemorates the four National Education (NE) core events for the pupils to appreciate the defining moments in Singapore’s history.

These significant events are commemorated through various meaningful activities and informative exhibitions so that they will evoke the consciousness in pupils to be concerned citizens and active contributors.

NE Event
Total Defence Day – serves to remind our pupils that Singapore is defendable and is worth defending, and we ourselves must defend Singapore.
International Friendship Day – sensitise our pupils towards the geo-political realities inherent to Singapore.
Racial Harmony Day – promotes social cohesion and racial harmony amongst all Singaporeans.
National Day – brings to the pupils a greater sense of the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.

Character Education – 'We are Singaporeans'

“We are Singaporeans” assembly programme was introduced to students as a platform for students to know more about Singapore in a quiz format. This assembly programme is conducted on a termly basis as students get to learn more about Singapore’s rich history and reflect their learning about Singapore’s achievements.

Citizenship Education – Learning Journeys

In Blangah Rise, the NE Learning Journeys comprise school trips to destinations that are aligned to various Social Studies topics. Every year, all Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils visit different places to

  • understand and appreciate the rich cultural and historical heritage of our people;
  • foster a sense of pride in the rich diversity of our heritage;
  • share a common bond which will hold our society together as a people and as a nation;

Citizenship Education – International Students @ Blangah Rise (IBP)

In Blangah Rise Primary, there is a structured approach in ensuring our International Students (IS) can familiarise themselves with the new surroundings seamlessly.

News IS are paired up with a Singaporean buddy to show him/her around the school. The buddy also shares with his/her partner useful information about the school; especially on its values and parts of Singapore’s history and heritage.

Similarly, an annual overseas cultural immersion trip is anchored at the Primary 4 level. This year, the pupils will embark on environment-themed trip to The Green School in Bali. In addition, the overseas stint provides our pupils with the opportunity to:

  • enhance their leadership, character, personal capabilities and interpersonal skills;
  • learn to work in groups and in decision making;
  • develop pupils to be culturally-savvy;
  • expose pupils to the world and sensitise them to the place of Singapore in relation to its global context.

Character Education – Education in Career Guidance (ECG) 

In Blangah Rise, one is never too young to learn more about careers and other educational pathways. The School has a progressive, two-tier programme in the Senior Primary (Primary 5 & 6) to share with pupils about the various routes one can partake after primary school life.

This programme comprises the introduction to the career portal and an in-house Student Work Attachment. These activities are planned so as to:

  • raise pupils’ awareness of their strengths and interests
  • help them plan their educational pathway and select secondary schools
  • open up their horizon to occupations and nurture their aspirations for the future

Project GAIA – Collaboration of CCE, SM & Science Departments

In collaboration with the National Environment Agency’s, Keep Clean, Singapore! initiative, the school had organised a suite of school-wide activities to commemorate Earth Day and highlight the important role our students play in environmental conservation.

One of the collective efforts was Project Gaia. The project extended students learning by providing opportunities for them to apply skills learnt in the classroom in real-life situations. Students had visited neighbouring blocks in teams comprising members across levels – in the upper primary –  to collect recyclables from the residents. Based on the collation of data of the amount of recyclables collected from the neighbourhood, students would be recommending ways to the relevant organisations to further promote recycling and raise the awareness of the importance of caring for and protecting the environment.

In addition, the lower primary students had gone around the neighbourhood to pick litter. This act, though simple, magnifies the importance of keeping the environment clean and hygienic so as to promote healthy and safe living in the community.

Students’ Reflections after Project Gaia:

“I had learnt how to practise teamwork Although I was working with people whom I had never met before, we cooperated and managed to cover the whole block in 45 minutes.”

  • Steven Zhang , 6 Sapphire

“I have learnt how to communicate with people better. Although I was a little nervous, I managed to communicate with the residents properly during the project.”

  • Cai Mingzhe , 6 Topaz

“I learnt the importance of recycling and climate change issues. I also learnt that we should not litter.”

  • Sayli Bapat , 5 Topaz

“I really liked that we could all work as a team, take turns to do our part for this project.”

  • Ing Chean , 4 Sapphire

Virtues Project & 7 Habits

As Ellen White puts it, “Thoughts form actions, actions form habits and habits form character,” a pilot project was done with the Middle Primary students in equipping them with effective leadership habits through the learning and application of 7-Habits Principles. Students will then be able to embrace virtues that are essential for their personal and school life. With the positive feedback and reflections gathered from the students and teachers, efforts are being made to implement the 7 Habits principles school-wide.