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A new beginning

Floorball was introduced at the start of 2020 as an afterschool CCA to provide greater sporting opportunities for our students. This team sport was specially chosen because it gives our students a new sport skill to develop, another platform to learn and work as a team and most of all meaningful, holistic student engagement.

The buzz               

As a new CCA in January, Floorball initially attracted more than 15 members. As the word of “fun, engaging, energizing and good learning” spreads, the CCA has since grown to a membership of around 40 members.

Although many of the Blangahnites were new to Floorball, Coach Lavina was full of praise for them after the first session. “Unlike other students I have coached, who would usually dodge the ball in the first session, the students here run for the ball and move as a team as if they have played this sport for some time. They are so talented and have high energy and potential. I am so excited to be coaching them!”

Tiara, a Primary 5 student, says, “Floorball is very fun and challenging! Some floorball skills are challenging but with the encouragement from friends, we get to learn these new skills together.”

Nicole, a Primary 6 student, agrees. “I get to learn new skills to play this game and I get to run a lot which improves my speed. I look forward to playing in a floorball competition.”

Keep on keeping on

Encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment of every member, we look forward to sending a team of students for National School Games 2021.  

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