Ultimate Frsibee 1


Holistic learning

To provide more meaningful, holistic learning and sporting opportunities for our students, we introduced Ultimate Frisbee as an afterschool CCA in 2020. Ultimate Frisbee is a low-contact sport that requires overall fitness, hand-eye co-ordination and agility. Unlike most sports, Ultimate Frisbee focuses on self-officiating and is an excellent platform for students to learn and practice core values such as honesty and respect.


Skills and drills

While it is a fun game to play, Ultimate Frisbee requires students to be disciplined in skill development. The throwing and catching of the disc requires control, hand-eye co-ordination, accuracy and agility. To make training fun, we engage students to practice different drills to hone their skills.

“It is a little hard but fun. I couldn’t throw the disc straight at first but with practice, I can now throw it well. I look forward to Ultimate Frisbee after school!” says Enrique, a Primary 5 student.

His teammate, Daphne, a Primary 6 student, concurs with him. “Ultimate Frisbee is fun. It is hard to learn at first but with the help of friends and Coach, I am now able to throw the disc well.”


Ultimate Frisbee 2