Junior Primary – Drama and Choir


Junior Primary – Drama & Choir

Lights! Action! Through Drama, our Primary 1 students learn language skills and build their social and emotional competencies in a fun and engaging way. What better way than stepping into the shoes of a character to learn virtues such as empathy and consideration? Through that, they will begin to understand themselves and others better. With their Form Teachers’ coaching, students grow in confidence in oral language skills and speaking in front of others.

For our Primary 2 classes, a choir was formed. During Programme for Active Learning (PAL) and Music lessons, the students worked together for various choral performances. When Covid-19 hit the nation, opportunities opened for the teachers to guide the students in displaying the virtue of thankfulness. The students used their voices to appreciate and encourage the Covid-19 frontline heroes. Click here to listen to their Covid-19 rendition of “Do Re Mi”!