Senior Primary – Recyclable Art and Corridor Gardening


Many Primary 5 students thought that they would be taking part in a recycling drive when they were asked to collect used plastic bottles. To their surprise, they were participating in a “Recyclable Art” project. Their bottles would be transformed into dispensers for the wipe-down solution which would be used in the canteen and classrooms as part of Covid-19 safe management measures.

Form Teachers actively encouraged students to work on their creative ideas together. Kechester, a Primary 5 student, reflected, “We should not throw away plastic bottles as they are non-biodegradable and would end up in a landfill.”

All the students agreed that the activity was meaningful in view of the Covid-19 outbreak. Many gave suggestions on what else they could create with used materials in subsequent sessions.


Primary 6 students embarked on a different project. Commemorating Total Defence Day, Mrs Grace Lee, Form Teacher of Primary 6 Topaz, shared about the usefulness of some plants during a food crisis and when there was a shortage of medical supplies. She then introduced the project that the P6 classes would be working on – Corridor Gardening! Each class would have a mini garden right outside their classroom! They would learn virtues such as care, cooperation and responsibility in the process.

Jeremiah was all for the idea. “This activity is meaningful as we can increase the green space in the school. We should also have plants on the roof of the school!”

Hakeemi added, “I cannot wait to do more research to find out more about these plants.”

With such eagerness, this project would allow Form Teachers to help students to develop their strengths and coach them in important life skills.