Middle Primary – Makerspace and Visual Arts


Creativity and curiosity are key ingredients for success. To bring out such natural qualities in our students, Makerspace education gives our Primary 3 students a chance to invent and create. Our P4 students develop their creativity through Visual Arts education, which expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them and provides new skills for self-expression and communication.

In Term 1, both levels created their very own Superhero who defends Singapore. They brainstormed with their teammates on the choice of character and the “superpowers” it had. Combining their ideas with art, students drew their Superheroes on paper and lined it with a string to make it come alive.

Aaron, a Primary 3 student, commented, “The nurse is our group’s Superhero because she will take care of the sick. Every sick patient will be nursed back to health with her magic touch.”

His Primary 4 schoolmate, Varshenee, exclaimed, “I really enjoy working with my classmates to create this art piece! Anika drew the face of a policeman, Dyea put the glue on the strings and I helped with the colouring. I am so proud of our team effort!”

Ms Ruth Leong, Form Teacher of Primary 3 Sapphire, shared how she played the role of a Teacher Mentor. “I coached my students when they faced difficulties creating a character.  I cheered them on to continue outlining the strings even though it was challenging. I gave them a listening ear when they did not see eye to eye with each other.” Mr Victor Lim, Form Teacher of Primary 4 Sapphire, also recalled how the learning experience helped the students form stronger friendships.