Redhill got its name from the folkfore of a brave boy’s brilliant idea that saved an entire village from swordfish attack. Redhill estate is also one of Singapore’s oldest and was a venue of the decentralized National Day Parades from 1975 to 1983.


Redhill embodies

Purposefulness: Being purposeful gives direction in our lives which leads to fulfilment and meaningfulness.

Thankfulness: The heart that gives thanks is a happy one.

Empathy: See with the eyes, listen with the ears and feel with the heart of another. See the light and be the light for each other.


Mohamed Shahan (3 Topaz, Redhill)

“I like Modular CCA (House) because I can do my homework before participating in sports and games. This is good because I can finish my homework in school. I like my House teachers and friends.”