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2020 is a year to be remembered for BRPS Badminton. Our Badminton Senior Division Boys team fought valiantly in the National School Games Badminton Championships. Our Badminton Senior Division Girls team was established. All Badminton students proactively honed their skills and have become better sportsman.

It was an uphill battle for the Senior Division Boys. From boys with an interest in badminton yet not knowing how to hold a badminton racket, to boys able to smash a shuttlecock across the court, the Senior Division Boys have learnt and grown. The many hours of hard work put into practising each swing, each run in the court, each strategy, has allowed them to flourish. Not only did they become better skilled badminton players, they also developed determination in the pursuit of excellence and resilience in the face of difficulty.

“You play like a girl.” A phrase that can now be used as a compliment in BRPS Badminton. Within the span of a year, a program to identify and develop a Senior Division Girls team was established. This could not have been achieved without the grit displayed by the girls. Their determination to improve their badminton skills propelled them to participate actively in CCA sessions and spend time practising beyond CCA sessions. Their efforts paid off as their badminton skills improved by leaps and bounds over a short period of time.

Students with distinct leadership potential are also developed through the school’s CCA Stewardship Program. These students exit the program equipped with the confidence and interpersonal skills needed to lead their peers in the path of becoming better sportsman. They take on many roles – sometimes as a coach to teach their peer how to do a proper overhead forehand stroke; sometimes as a cheerleader to encourage a discouraged peer; and more often as the close friend to enjoy a friendly-match with.

While many enter with a simple spark, they leave with burning passion. A passion in the sport itself, as well as a passion to grow, develop and become a better version of themselves.