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Chinese Language

Department: CL Unit (Mother Tongue)

Vision:  Every child is able to use the Chinese language effectively.

Mission: To nurture passion and love for the Chinese language and the Chinese culture in our students.

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Description of Programmes:

ICT Infusion

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iMTL Portal P3 – P6 An online interactive language portal for teachers and students to post individualised feedback and to work on interactive language-related tasks.
SLS P1 – P6 Students can complete e-learning assignments set by their Chinese teacher at home through this portal.

Chinese Fortnight

Every year, the Chinese Fortnight will be conducted for students taking the Chinese Language. It is a platform for our students to experience learning out of the syllabus. Students get to experience and appreciate the Chinese language and the Chinese culture through fun-filled and engaging cultural activities, such as traditional handicraft making, language-related games (think riddles!) and even performing arts (drama).

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Mother Tongue (Chinese) Camps

Have you played the Chinese Yo-Yo before? How about traditional fan painting?

All these cultural activities keep our students busy during our Chinese Language camps. The annual camp deepens our students’ understanding of the Chinese culture and its traditions and encourage the use of the Chinese Language. A fun environment is created for our P4 and P6 students to learn and use the Chinese language frequently and in an authentic setting. During the camps, students will be exposed to various learning experiences that will involve the Chinese Language and culture.

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School Internal Competitions

The following competitions are organised for our Chinese students annually. Students pit their creativity and knowledge against one another in the spirit of learning and take part in these competitions conducted by their teachers.

Level Internal Competitions
P1 Hanyu Pinyin and Text Recitation
P2 Pen Calligraphy and Poetry Recitation
P3 Bookmark Making and Story Telling
P4 On-the-Spot Essay Writing and Story Telling
P5 On-the-Spot Essay Writing and Oratorical Competition
P6 On-the-Spot Essay Writing and Oratorical Competition
P5/P6 Fdn CL Advertisement Design Competition

Customised Programmes for Different Language Abilities

Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP)

If you walk pass the MTSP classroom, you will often hear our students exclaim“我真棒!” excitedly, whenever they manage to form their Chinese sentences correctly and receive encouragement from their teacher and peers.

We recognised that every child learns languages differently. Therefore we are on board the MOE Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP) to support our Primary 3 students in the learning of the Chinese language. Students in this programme receive differentiated instruction in class, which caters to their learning needs. There are various engaging and meaningful activities as well as resources to support and encourage our students in the learning of the Chinese Language.

The Chinese Junior Reporters’ Programme

For students with stronger Chinese language abilities, the Chinese Junior Reporters Programme helps to stretch their language skills in a fun and authentic way. Find out more about the Chinese Junior Reporters Programme here.