In 1848, Captain Henry Keppel discovered the sheltered, deep water harbour of Singapore. He would visit Singapore on several occasions to help clear the straits of pirates. When Captain Henry Keppel visited Singapore again in 1903, the harbour was renamed as Keppel Harbour to honor him. Keppel aims to develop our pupils to display the virtues embodied by Captain Keppel.


Keppel House embodies

Excellence: to always perform well in both academic and non-academic areas.

Courage: to have mental or moral strength to persevere through challenges.

Service: to be selfless in providing support to peers and school staff.


Xu Botao (3 Topaz, Keppel)

“The sports skills taught at Modular CCA (House) are skills I like – running, skipping, sliding, hopping. I shared these sports skills with my father and we would practise these skills at home together. I always look forward to Modular CCA (House)!”