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Tamil Language

Department: Tamil Unit (Mother Tongue Department)

Vision: Every child is able to use the Tamil language effectively.

Mission: To nurture passion and love for the Tamil language and the Tamil culture in our students.

Blangahnites learning to write the Tamil Language
Blangahnites learning to write the Tamil Language

தமிழ்மொழியைப் பற்றிய பல புதிய தகவல்களை என்னால் அறிந்துகொள்ள முடிவதால் எனக்குத் தமிழ்மொழியும் தமிழ்ப் பாடங்களும் மிகவும் பிடிக்கும்!”

“I love the Tamil Language and Tamil lessons very much as I can learn new things about the language!”  -- Kaviyarasan Aparajitha, Primary 4


Description of Programmes:

Blended Lessons in Tamil

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In Blangah Rise Primary School, blended lessons incorporating self-directed and collaborative learning are carried out during Tamil lessons. Our students use the iPad, Student Learning Space (SLS) and other apps such as Kahoot and Nearpod for online activities.

Tamil Language Fortnight

எனக்குக் கைப்பாவைப் பயிலரங்கு மிகவும் பிடித்திருந்தது. பல பேர் முன் தைரியமாகப் பேச அது எனக்குக் கற்றுக்கொடுத்தது!”

“I liked the Puppetry Workshop. It taught me to speak confidently in front of an audience!” – Shazana Begum, Primary 4

The Tamil Language Fortnight is a platform to promote the use of the Tamil language and to instil passion in the language and culture. Our students gain new experiences through a variety of language and cultural activities. These activities help to motivate students to use the language through hands-on activities and a learning journey to The Nagore Durga Indian Muslim Heritage Centre.

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Tamil Language Camps

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Our Tamil Language Camps provide a fun environment for our P4 and P6 students to learn and use the Tamil language more frequently. During the language camps, students go through various learning experiences, which enable them to better appreciate the Tamil language and culture.

Tamil Language Touch Typing

Tamil Language touch typing classes are conducted for our P3 students in Semester 1 annually. Students from P3 to P6 classes use their Tamil Language touch typing skills during Tamil lessons and in activities carried out annually during the Tamil Language Fortnight.

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School Internal Tamil Language Competitions

The following competitions are organised for our students annually.

Primary Level Oral Competition (Semester 1) Written Competition (Semester 2)
Junior Primary P1 Singing Word Builder
P2 Story -Telling Word Builder
Middle Primary P3 Story -Telling Essay Writing
P4 One Word Topic Essay Writing
Senior Primary P5 Situational Acting Essay Writing
P6 Advertisement Essay Writing