Tamil Language

Blangahnites learning to write the Tamil Language
Blangahnites learning to write the Tamil Language


Every child is able to use Tamil language effectively.


To nurture passion and love for the Tamil language and its culture in our pupils.


Tamil Blog


The Tamil Blog serves as a platform for communication as well as a resource pool for our Tamil pupils. Parents could also use the blog site to access information pertaining to the Tamil Language Unit.

Tamil Language Fortnight

  • Objective: To promote the use of Tamil language and to instil passion in the language.
  • A fortnight of language activities, competitions and programmes will be planned for our Tamil pupils annually.

Tamil Morning Assembly

  • Objective: To serve as a platform for pupils to converse and participate in Tamil language activities.
  • The Tamil assemblies encompassvarious language and cultural activities to promote the use of Tamil language amongst our Tamil

Mother Tongue Camps

  • Objective: To serve as a platform in providing a fun environment for our pupils to learn and use Tamil language more frequently.
  • Our P4 pupils and P6 pupils will be having their annual Mother Tongue Camps in Term 2 and Term 4 respectively.
  • During the camp, students will be exposed to various learning experiences that involve the Tamil language and culture.

Morning Reading Programme

  • Objective:To encourage the reading of Tamil storybooks and the love for the Tamil Language amongst our younger pupils

Tamil Touch Typing

TL touch typing classes will be conducted for our P3 pupils in Semester 1 annually. Pupils from P3 to P6 classes will be given opportunities to use their TL touch typing skills as follows:

Primary Level Tamil Touch Typing Activity
Middle Primary P3 Typing a prose (Microsoft Word)
P4 Typing a prose (Microsoft Word)
Senior Primary P5 Creating an advertisement (Microsoft Powerpoint)
P6 Posting of online comments (TL Blog)


All P3 to P6 TL pupils will also be taking part in the Touch Typing Competition which will be held annually during the TL Fortnight.

School Internal TL Competitions

The following competitions are organized for our pupils annually.

Primary Level Oral Competition (Semester 1) Written Competition (Semester 2)
Junior Primary P1 Singing Word Builder
P2 Story-telling Word Builder
Middle Primary P3 Story-telling Essay Writing
P4 One Word Topic Essay Writing
Senior Primary P5 Situational Acting Essay Writing
P6 Advertisement Essay Writing