Malay Language

Blangahnites learning Malay Language through story telling
Blangahnites learning Malay Language through story telling

Our Vision

Every child is able to use the Malay Language effectively.

Our Mission

To nurture passion and love for the Malay Language and its culture in our pupils.


Teaching & Learning

  • A variety of strategies is adopted to help value-add to the pupils’ learning and provide them with opportunities to demonstrate thinking and communication skills.
  • ICT-based lessons using ICT tools (e.g. AsknLearn/ iMTL portal/ iPads) are designed to help students be equipped with essential ICT skills which may improve their composition and oral skills.

P1 and P2 Morning Reading

  • Objective: To encourage the reading of ML storybooks and the love for the Malay Language amongst our younger Malay pupils

Malay Language Fortnight

The objectives of this fortnight programme:

  1. To provide authentic platforms for pupils to use the Malay language and to appreciate the Malay Language and the Malay Culture through fun- filled cultural activities.
  2. To raise pupils’ appreciation for their Mother Tongue language and its culture.

Malay Language Assembly Programme

  • Objective: To serve as a platform for pupils to converse and participate in Malay language activities.
  • The Malay assemblies encompass various language and cultural activities to promote the use of Malay language amongst our Malay.

Mother Tongue Camps

  • Objective: To serve as good platforms in providing a bustling environment for our pupils to learn and use Malay language more frequently.
  • Our P4 pupils and P6 pupils will be having their annual Mother Tongue Camps in Term 2 and Term 4 respectively.
  • During the camp, students will be exposed to various learning experiences that involve the Malay language and culture.

Language Competitions

Objective: To provide pupils with a more authenticate experience of applying their language knowledge.

Levels Internal Competitions (Competition 1/ Competition 2)
P1 & P2 ‘Baca Tepat’ / ‘Lagu-lagu Rakyat’
P3 & P4 ‘Piraminda’ / ‘Pantun Warisan’
P5 & P6 ‘Iklan Spontan’/ ‘Sahibba’
Levels External Competitions
P4 My Dream Shop
P6 Pertandingan Piala Cendekia Sahibba