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Malay Language

Department: Malay Unit (Mother Tongue Department)

Vision: Every child is able to use the Malay language effectively.

Mission: To nurture passion and love for the Malay language and the Malay culture in our students.

Description of Programmes:

Teaching & Learning

In our Malay Language classes, a variety of strategies are adopted to enhance our students’ learning and to provide them with opportunities to demonstrate thinking and communication skills.

Nearpod App on iPad

ICT-based lessons using ICT tools and apps (e.g. SLS, iMTL portal, Nearpod, Kahoot, Plickers) are designed to bring fun and excitement to the learning of the language as well as equip students with essential ICT skills.

Nabilah, a Primary 6 student, shares, “I am always excited if I get to learn using the iPad and the laptop. The lessons are fun with games and other activities on the iPad!”

Malay Language Fortnight

Interested in making Bunga Rampai? How about a game of Lereng? Or Jawi Calligraphy? Our annual Malay Language Fortnight provides authentic platforms for students to use the Malay language and to appreciate the Malay Language and the Malay culture through fun- filled cultural activities. We also conduct in-class Malay Language Competitions for P1 to P6 students. “I like the fortnight activity because I get to learn silat from the instructor,” shares Shanaz, a Primary 4 student.

Making Bunga Rampai
Making Bunga Rampai
Tradisional Game – Lereng
Tradisional Game – Lereng
Story Telling
Story Telling

Malay Language Camps

Our Malay Language camps aim to deepen students’ understanding of the Malay culture and traditions. These camps provide a fun environment for our P4 and P6 students to learn and use the language frequently and in an authentic setting. During the camp, students engage in various learning experiences that involve the Malay language and culture.

Malay Traditional Game – Tapak Kuda
Malay Traditional Game – Tapak Kuda

Eriqa, a Primary 4 student, expresses her excitement about what she has learnt. “This year I learnt about the Jawi letterings, a form of Arabic letterings that were commonly used to write Malay in the past. I am now able to write my name in Jawi!”

Geng Sahibba

Geng Sahibba (Malay Scrabble) provides students with a platform to apply their language knowledge and to improve their vocabulary. Higher progress P3 to P6 students are selected to join the Geng Sahibba sessions where they learn game strategies and thinking skills. A group of four students will be selected to represent the school in zonal and national competitions. Tiara, who has represented our school in two Sahibba National competitions, shares, “From the Sahibba games that I’ve played with my teachers and friends, I have learnt to be resilient, proactive and a good team player. I have used Habit 2, Begin with the End in Mind, to strategise my game and acquire as many points as possible.”

Our students have consistently done our school proud. In 2017, our school received a Special Mention from the Piala Cendeki Sahibba for setting up a Sahibba Programme in school. In 2019, our students were the first runner-up for the Sahibba National Competition!

South Zone Competition
South Zone Competition
National Competition
National Competition
Runner Up @ 
                                                                                                                 Nationals 2019
Runner Up @ Nationals 2019

Rakan Bahasa Programme

The Rakan Bahasa programme by Majlis Bahasa Melayu, Singapura (MBMS), encourages students who are passionate about the Malay Language to be role models for the Malay Language to their family and friends.

Our 2019 Rakan Bahasa, Quraisya, says, “As a Rakan Bahasa, I had the opportunity to interact with students from other schools, especially during the launch of the Malay Language Month. It was a new experience for me. I loved it very much. I am able to practice what I’ve learnt and use the Malay Language more confidently now.

Malay Language Competitions
The Malay Language competitions provide students with an authentic experience of applying their knowledge of the language.

Levels Internal Competitions
(Competition 1/ Competition 2)
P1 & P2 ‘Baca Tepat’(Reading Quiz) / ‘Eja Tepat’ (Spelling Quiz)
P3 & P4 ‘Mari Bercerita’(Story Telling Competition)/ ‘Piraminda’ (Piramid Game) / ‘Komik Spontan’ (Spontaneous Comic Dialogue)
P5 & P6 ‘Iklan Spontan’ (Item Promotion Competition) / ‘Sahibba’ (Malay Scrabble)/ ‘Lirik Si Cilik’ (Young Lyric Writer)
Levels External Competitions
P4 My Dream Shop (Social Entrepreneurship Competition)
P5 ‘Rakan Bahasa’ (Malay Language Ambassadors)
P6 ‘Pertandingan Piala Cendekia Sahibba’ ( Malay Scrabble)
Iklan Spontan
Iklan Spontan