Gillman Barracks has a very rich military history in Singapore. It housed the British Army and later SAF Combat Engineers. Staying relevant with the times, Gillman Barracks is now a visual arts hub that celebrates creativity and contemporary art.


Gillman House embodies

Purposefulness: Begin with a vision and have a clear focus of what we want to accomplish just like the design of Gillman Barracks as a large neighbourhood with living quarters, social and recreational activities for communal living.

Moderation: Create a healthy balance between work and play just like the soldiers who trained hard and yet prioritised pockets of time to exercise and rest.

Flexibility: Open to change just like the redevelopment of Gillman Barracks over time from an army barracks to an arts hub.


Fatin Khalisya Binte Hamzah (3 Opal, Gillman)

“I love Modular CCA (House) because it teaches me how to be strong and be good to others.”