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MediaKids is an extension of our Young Photographers programme. Beyond photography, MediaKids acquire videography skills and apply them in various school projects. They put their language skills to practice through the creation of storyboards for their videos.

Not only do MediaKids take on the role of official photographer and videographer for school events, they participate in national competitions to hone their skills. Through these platforms, our MediaKids develop their creativity, interpersonal skills and collaboration skills.

Telling Their Own Stories

Photo 14

“Besides the Rule of Thirds, I have learnt a new composition technique - Leading Lines! I am able to draw viewers’ attention to lines that lead to the main subject of my photograph,” says Qanitah, a Primary 4 student.

These are some of the composition techniques which our MediaKids have learnt in photography. During their weekly CCA, they have the opportunity to handle a DSLR, as well as learn about its functions and how each of the functions is vital to capturing a good photograph. They extend their skills in school by taking photographs based on a theme such as World Water Day. Beyond school, our MediaKids get to go to iconic locations in Singapore for outdoor shoots. They can tell their own story of the places through photography and increase their knowledge about the places.

Commemorating World Water Day 2020

For World Water Day 2020, MediaKids celebrated water as the lifeblood of our community and raised awareness on water conservation and water sustainability through photography. They captured the uses of water in our daily lives, and created patterns through the use of water. Our MediaKids’ creativity and photography skills were stretched with this project!


D47_4626 Aqeel Qushairy Bin Sayali
D50_0024 Chua Wei Ting-e
D55_1019 Haqimsah Bin Muhamad Ridzuan
D52_0060 Nur Qanitah Husna Binte Mohamed Sa'ad

Confidence in Media Technology

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MediaKids expressed their artistic talent and creative voice at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2019 celebrations. They were specially selected by MOE based on photographs they had taken previously, and received mentoring by a professional photographer through a masterclass format. They then applied their learning in an authentic way through capturing photographic and iconic moments for SYF celebrations in the community held at Bukit Panjang Plaza on 7 July 2019.

Bicentennial-Themed Coffee Table Book


To commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial, MediaKids worked on a Bicentennial-themed coffee table book, “Singapore Through Children’s Eyes” which was presented to President Halimah Yacob on 28 July 2019. President Halimah had written a foreword for the book, which was supported by the Singapore Bicentennial Office. Click here /bicentennial-coffee-table-book/ to find out more about the book.

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Special Event with Local Sportsmen and Sportswomen


Photo 7

In line with the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, our students embarked on a project to gather inspirational stories and messages from our local sportsmen and sportswomen. In September 2019, we invited Singapore’s very own football legend, Mr Fandi Ahmad to our school. Our MediaKids took photographs of him being interviewed by our student leaders and conducting a football clinic for our boys in the Football CCA group.

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There were other platforms which gave our MediaKids opportunities to hone their photography skills. In 2020, we met our nation’s World Number 1 Para Archer, Ms Nur Syahidah Alim. Aqeel, our Primary 4 MediaKid, not only captured the session through his lenses, but was also inspired to overcome challenges and pursue his dreams and goals.

Come Join Us!

Photo 13

Ms Ho, teacher in charge of MediaKids, shared, "I can see our MediaKids growing in confidence as they collaborate with one another to capture special moments during school and community events. One of the most memorable moments for me was when I saw them in action as student photographers during the SYF Celebrations. It was a proud moment to see them step out of their comfort zones in an unfamiliar environment and apply the photography skills that they have acquired.”

Come join us as a MediaKid!