Playing football the BRPS way

Organised, intense, focused, disciplined. These four words summarise the CCA experience of BRPS footballers. To support students in their development in football, they are banded according to their football abilities. Training sessions are then customised to provide differentiated learning and optimal development for different groups of footballers.


Settling into routines

This year, we welcomed new P3 students into the CCA and shared with them the expectations (e.g. dos and don’ts, safety rules, proper attire and behaviour). In a very short time, the P3 students settled into the CCA routines. Every session starts with a jog and ball-juggling exercise, followed by football drills, technique training and game strategy.

Representing the school

Selection to the school team is based on students’ footballing skills and positive attitude (on and off the field). The boys are naturally enthusiastic about representing the school and doing their best. They would frequently ask, “Is there extra training?” and, “When is the first game?”

We are especially proud of our Senior Boys who role modelled enthusiasm, a positive attitude and game focus every training session. During the tournament, the Senior Boys would run their hearts out, chase every ball and challenge one another to do better.

CCA Football

Being inspired by our very own football legend

In September 2019, we had the privilege of having Mr Fandi Ahmad, Singapore’s very own football legend, conduct a football clinic for us. “One must have a dream in life. If you are focused, everyone can achieve their dream. I enjoy playing football. I trained hard and believed in myself. We must never give up,” said Mr Fandi Ahmad. Click here to find out what happened!


Developing holistically

To inculcate ownership of their skill development, the teachers encourage the boys to practise individual football drills on their own. To support the boys’ learning, the teachers and coach apply effective football coaching and technical drills based on sports science. Over the years, we have witnessed the fruits of our labour – students growing in confidence yet remaining humble, focused and disciplined playing as a team.