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Skills. Teamwork. Grit.

These are the key elements present in every basketball training session. Every Monday morning, cries of excitement can be heard from beneath the hoops as our Blangahnites practise and execute team offensive and defensive schemes. A typical training session will involve Blangahnites shooting hoops, dribbling balls, practising defensive manoeuvres and running across the courts.

As our Blangahnites increase in their mastery and understanding of the game, the value of teamwork is imparted to them. Basketball is a team sport and a team that plays together wins together. New members are not left alone and are assigned buddies to guide them along. During training, students learn to pass to each other and cover each other in their defensive duties.

Zanphanie has always known her love for the sport since she joined basketball in Primary 3. In every training session, one will see the gleam in her eyes. Her skills in basketball are one notch above others, yet she remains humble and has never been one to brag.

However, being the only Primary 6 girl in Basketball, it was clear to everyone that would be a difficult task to register a team to participate in the South Zone Inter-School competition. The Coach and basketball teachers brought this up and wracked their brains to find an avenue where Zanphanie would be able to compete with others. We decided to register to form the first combined school team with Alexandra Primary School in the history of Singapore Inter-school Basketball Championships.

The team consisted of members that were from other CCAs. Nonetheless, our students did Blangah Rise proud by performing to the best of their ability, cheering their teammates on and keeping their fighting spirits up during matches.

The students who represented the school in the South Zone Senior Girls' Basketball Championship treasured the opportunity to hone their basketball skills. Zanphanie always sought to improve herself by training diligently, even during recess, with her peers. As the Captain, she encouraged them to practise harder to improve the teamwork between them.

Her resilience and the guidance she gave to peers made her an asset to the team. Her high level of commitment and enthusiasm was displayed during the matches. In recognition of her talent, she was awarded the sportmanship medal by First Toa Payoh Primary School, the hosting school of one of the matches. She played exceptionally well for both competitions. Her passion for the game influenced others around her to give of their best during all training sessions and competitions.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan once said, “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.” In Basketball, we aim to make things happen for our students.