Active Lifestyle Day

"On Active Lifestyle Day, STEM Club taught two Primary 2 classes how to create a balloon car using recyclable materials. When we started with the first class, I felt challenged by the task as I was not sure what the car would look like. Our teacher then guided us by showing us a video. I felt relieved as I had more ideas after the video. The car that we had created looks good but did not work as well as I had hoped. Although I was a little disappointed, I was also happy to have learnt something new."

Zhang Zexin


Learning Journey to Science Fiesta

"I was really excited to be able to go for the learning journey at Queensway Secondary School. There were many booths set up in the hall for us to visit. The booths were arranged according to Science subjects taught in secondary schools. The most memorable booth is the Blue Cheese booth. They allowed me to taste the cheese that “smells bad, but tastes good”. Although the cheese tastes good, the stench was too overpowering for me."

Huang Rui

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Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition


"Selected students from the STEM Club went for the competition in March. We had to create airplanes that could fly the furthest, with the most accuracy and had to stay in the air for the longest. We had half an hour to prepare and were given two tries to throw the planes. Although I was nervous, I still tried my best to perform well. I feel that I am definitely more prepared for future competitions. I am also more knowledgeable in creating better airplanes using Science and Engineering concepts."

Brandon Adimartana